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  • Studies from recent years may be lending support to the benefits dogs provide to man not only via mental and physical health, but even through the human microbiome, which could strengthen the immune system.

    Jul 17, 2018

  • Asheville Airport's Paws for Passengers program marked its one-year anniversary with a birthday party in the airport terminal. Each therapy dog has been trained and was certified through either Therapy Dogs, Inc. or Pet Partners.

    Jul 17, 2018

  • More than a dozen dog-handler teams celebrated the completion of their training programs with a graduation celebration in Gulfport. Seven new teams were added to the Visiting Pet Teams of South Mississippi with ten teams being recertified.

    Jul 16, 2018

  • From pet first aid to training to dog play dates, a variety of apps exist to help pet owners create a better existence for their pets.

    Jul 13, 2018

  • In Catawba County's sixth case of the year, this past weekend a skunk tested positive for rabies. Prior to testing the skunk had come into contact with three horses, two ponies, and two donkeys. Animal Services in the county reminds pet owners that vaccination is key to protect pets from the disease.

    Jul 13, 2018

  • On July 20 and August 24, PAWS for People will be providing information sessions at the Milton Public Library for those interested in pet therapy and who may want to get involved with the organization.

    Jul 13, 2018

  • In Richmond, Illinois, JourneyCare and Main Stay Therapeutic Farm are partnering to offer a one-day workshop for teenagers coping with grief. On August 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., teenagers can attend "Stable of Support" to participate in activities with the animals.

    Jul 13, 2018

  • A new app will allow users to improve the health of their pets in a similar way that other apps have allowed humans to improve their own health. The Petrics app lets pet owners provide healthier food to those pets by functioning as a nutrition recommendation tool.

    Jul 12, 2018

  • In an effort to help people better understand the needs of their animals, Mathilde Stomp, a researcher at the University of Rennes, recently led a study of the snorts of horses and what they mean. The results of the study were published in PLoS One this week.

    Jul 12, 2018

  • A recently published article in Eurosurveillance discusses the first instance that a New Delhi-metallo-beta-lactamase Escherichia coli bacteria was transferred between a dog and a human.

    Jul 11, 2018

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