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  1. Physicians "Prescribing" Pets?

    Call me a grinch but articles like this one about physicians prescribing pets for their patients doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I most certainly recognize the benefits healthy, well-behaved animals  can have on human physical and mental well-being. But I also know...

  2. A Therapeutic Look at Zoos

    No doubt this series will stir a lot of controversy about a whole rage of topics related to the best and worst of the human-animal bond because it addresses so many different elements of it simultaneously. One can only hope that the result will be broader appreciation of its full range instead of...

  3. Birds and the Human Condition

    This beautifully written opinion piece from The New York Times points out the integral role birds play in human survival, or could play if we weren't so busy doing what we consider matters of  such consequence that we miss their much more...

  4. HABRI Central Update - July 21, 2014

    HABRI Central recently received several new features and updates! Here are some of the major improvements we've made and how they'll affect you,   UNIFIED LIBRARY The HABRI Central bibliography has been consolidated with the HABRI Central repository. No longer will you have to...

  5. AVMA Introduces New Animal Welfare Hub

    Whether we share our homes with companion animals, train or depend on them to perform various functions that benefit us, work with animals used for food or fiber production or research, success means taking the animal's welfare into account along with everything else. The...

  6. Want to Broaden Your View of the HAB?

    Then hurry and claim your copy of Trash Animals: How we live with nature’s filthy, feral, invasive, and unwanted species. In addition to offering highly readable accounts of 17 animal species that elicit extreme human emotional reactions, these essays also provide readers with insights into...