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  1. What's new with Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy?

    Dreamcatcher is located in Ardrossan Alberta Canada. We are a nature and animal assisted therapy program and we are home to a variety of once homeless, injured or ill animals. We partner with our animals to provide help for children and youth at risk, people with severe mental health issues and...

  2. Physicians "Prescribing" Pets?

    Call me a grinch but articles like this one about physicians prescribing pets for their patients doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I most certainly recognize the benefits healthy, well-behaved animals  can have on human physical and mental well-being. But I also know...

  3. A Therapeutic Look at Zoos

    No doubt this series will stir a lot of controversy about a whole rage of topics related to the best and worst of the human-animal bond because it addresses so many different elements of it simultaneously. One can only hope that the result will be broader appreciation of its full range instead...