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  1. Rehoming Kids and Dogs

    This morning I heard a report on the BBC World News about Americans using the Internet to “rehome” kids they’ve adopted (primarily from foreign locations) who didn’t work out for some reason. Then I looked up the original Reuters article. The article first focuses on the...

  2. Review of "Your Brain on Nature"

    Selhub, EM & Logan, AC (2012) Your Brain on Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness, and Vitality Book Review Martha Ortmann July 30, 2013 I found this book’s premise, that modern technology has removed us from the curative influence of nature to our own peril,...

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  4. Roses, Falling Eggheads, Placebos, and the B-Word

    What do poet Gertrude Stein and our interpretation of the bond have in common? In perhaps her most memorable line she wrote, “A rose is a rose is a rose,” a deceptively simple statement that has fueled academic discussions for decades. But according to Stein herself, the line referred to the fact...

  5. The Value of Teamwork: Meet Kevin Hanrahan

    Last week, Kevin Hanrahan was kind enough to sit down with us here at HABRI Central and share his experiences relating to the human-animal bond and his motivation to start his online blog. Kevin Hanrahan has seen first-hand the power of the human-animal bond and how that teamwork can be the...

  6. Dolphins as Therapy Animals

    This essay explores what’s known about dolphins and their history as therapeutic animals written by the researcher who first discovered that these animals were self-aware. Lots of thought-provoking...

  7. Free Book! While Supplies Last!

    Free Book! While Supplies Last! NOTE: Copies of this book are no longer available. Check the latest HABRI Central Review for information on participating in the next review. Have you ever noticed similarities between human and animal behaviors or medical issues that struck you as so obvious you...