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  1. www Kindle Com Support

    We have a team of experts who provide the same Kindle support that you will find at www Kindle com support. If you ever come across with any issue in your Kindle e-reader, then you can call us on our Kindle customer service number.

  2. Artificial Plants for Sale

    One of the best places to get Wide range of indoor/outdoor artificial plants for sale in USA is at jennysilks dot com. It is a no.1 online store, you can get every kinds of silk flowers and plants here at affordable price.

  3. Temporary Account Access Issues

    Recently, the HABRI Central Team discovered that several member accounts had been inadvertently disabled following routine maintenance activities. We are currently working to assess the scope of the issue and to restore access to any accounts that may have been inadvertently disabled. In the...

  4. A Perfect Human-Animal Bond Storm

    Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion. Arthur Koestler While many items appear on my list of enjoyable activities, reading mysteries remains a life-long favorite. This ongoing exploration of the who-what-where-when-how and why of hundreds plots and thousands of characters...

  5. Transport Dog Lessons

    I’m one of those people who enjoys optimism far more than pessimism. And because the animal transport scene sometimes really gets me down, I decided to list the benefits I’ve gained since this process began. I limit these remarks to those benefits related to transport dogs. Even...

  6. Service Dog Devaluation

     With each passing decade, the respect with which US society views service dogs and their handlers sadly steadily declines. This poses increased problems for these animals and their handlers and those around them. Recently I saw something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: an...

  7. Internal Clocks and the Human-Animal Bond

    Particularly in areas with temperate climates, November is a transition month. In the northern hemisphere summer has yielded to fall and signs of winter become more common. In the US, November also signals the arrival of that abomination known as the time change. It’s an abomination for...

  8. Does "can" mean "should"?

    Two recen articles illustrate a disturbing trend in science: the use of domestic animals for genetic manipulation research and subtly or not-so-subtly marketing their results to the general public in one way or...