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Human-Animal Interaction Conference 2017

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Building Connections:
Children, Animals and Healthy Families

Join us for a two-day conference that will explore human-animal interaction through the lens of “the family.”

We'll explore key questions including:

How are children’s perceptions, views and connection with animals shaped in an increasingly technological and virtual world?
How are animals impacted when a family is in crisis and how can purposeful contact with animals be supportive for different types of children?
Instilling the concept of care and compassion in children has been valued for generations, yet how can one create meaningful relationships with various animal species that share our world?
This focused meeting will offer a background on enhancing and supporting family-centered humane education and therapeutic animal-assisted interventions, and will demonstrate how experiential learning in nature-based settings can be impactful for communities.

Step into Green Chimneys’ “living laboratory” and learn about our school, farm & wildlife center and residential treatment program. Meet professionals in the field and leave with inspirational and practical ideas.

When: Friday 28 April, 2017 8:00 am EDT - Saturday 29 April, 2017 5:15 pm EDT
Where: Brewster, New York
  1. Animal-assisted therapies
  2. Children
  3. flotsam
  4. Human-animal bond
  5. Human-animal interactions
  6. Humane education
  7. special needs
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