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How to Take Care of the Lost Sound of the Robin-Magpie Bird

  1. Anonymous

    Chirping bird care requires attention and consistency (routine) in daily care, birds that were yesterday and today the gacor will experience changes if you miss a few days in providing adequate care.

    Especially if what is maintained is a bird with a fighting character such as magpie-robin. The delay in providing a small amount of daily care that is usually applied can cause a change in appearance and even a disturbance in the sound of the magpie-robin bird.

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    If you have a jammed sound, pay attention to the cause, the bird may be entering its natural life. But if this happens outside the time of death, chances are that you are experiencing stress, mental retreating, illness, or due to inappropriate treatment.

    Generally magpie-robin birds who experience problems will show some negative behavior, such as lack of appetite, slow or inactive movements, and feathers look dull.

    Magpie-robin is stuck because stress is usually caused by cages falling or can be disturbed / attacked by other animals, in this condition you will experience trauma and tend to become anxious, and constantly feel anxious.

    Magpie-robin is jammed because mental dropping usually occurs when after lombaka, this is because birds are not ready to fight but are forced by the owner.

    Some young magpie-robin, although initially great, often experience something like this, they easily drop when faced with a magpie-robin baby who is more mature. In this condition you are very susceptible to noise jams.

    As mentioned above, improper treatment is one of the factors that causes phlegm to clutter, for example there is a sudden change in feed, especially extra foods (EF) out of

    To deal with noise jams caused by errors in treatment, the following therapies can be applied to your favorite birds:

    1. Move the magpie-robin bird to a cooler and quieter place.

    2. Put the birds in the morning very early in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

    3. Give multivitamins condition birds to have enough stamina, the condition for birds to want to sing is in a fit condition.

    4. Give EF crickets regularly every day with a portion of 4-5 tails, if possible kroto can be given once a week.

    5. Put out a variety of audio therapies that can help stimulate you to want to sing again.

    6. After you have shown an improved change, give training by using other magpie-robin birds with less good mentality or commonly called magpie-robin untulan, this can provide stimulation and lift mentally.

    7. Gradually the treatment is returned as usual.

    What if the sound jams due to throat problems or respiratory problems, of course the handling is different from the previous tips. In this case, like or dislike drug therapy is the solution.

    Those are some tips on how to treat a jammed magpie-robin bird that is adjusted for the cause.

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