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How do I post a job?

Posting a job to the HABRI Central Jobs board requires a subscription. There is currently no charge associated with having a subscription to the Jobs board, registration simply helps us keep track and better manage incoming jobs. Once you've signed up for a Jobs subscription, simply click the "Post a Job" link under the "Employers" column on the Jobs page. There, you can add details about the job, including any requirements and due dates. If you would like to use HABRI Central to manage your candidate pool, check the "Allow users to apply to your ad via this hub" box under "Job Specifics." If you would prefer to direct applicants to a third party application service, include the address for it under "Job Specifics" instead.

To manage your jobs and applicant pools, use the Administrator Dashboard. This dashboard allows you to view all of the users and resum├ęs associated with a particular job. Here, you can add preferred candidates to your shortlist and download a list of all applicants.

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