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Does your cat really respect you?

I am Elissa. I am studying at SUNY Alfred State College (Veterinarian). HABRI central which help with writing essays a lot. This website has a great library I used many times to get good grades. I want to contribute back. My article isn't something scientific but fun.

Here are signs, that your cat respects you:


If your cat loves to stare at you and blink slowly that means he found something special in you.

Tails up:

When you come home after a long working day and your cat meets you and his tail pointing to the air, be sure, he is happy to see you.


It is a top-notch compliment from a cat. Purring means your cat feels safe and comfortable.

Rolling around:

If your cat lies on the back and shows a belly to you that means you are the best. A cat trusts you and wants to play. This is a great sign because the belly is the least protected party of a cat's body.


Some say kneading refers to childhood when your small fluffy ball was kneading her mother to drink milk. Kneading in your presence is a sign of pure joy and happiness.

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