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Ethical aspects related to involvement of animals in animal assisted therapy

By M. Fejsakova, J. Kottferova, J. Marekova, T. Jakuba, O. Ondrasovicova, M. Ondrasovic

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Therapy with involvement of animals presently attracts considerable attention as a new modern method of facilitating and supporting treatment of a wide scale of diseases. In contrast to increased interest in investigating and proving the positive effects of animal therapy on people, only little attention is paid to the animals involved. Stress affects the well-being, health and performance of all live beings. It is inevitable to have sufficient knowledge of the physiological forms of animal behaviour, understand the animal's body language and be able to recognize symptoms of stress, discomfort, fear and fatigue in order to prevent the risk of potentially compromising animal welfare. Suitable methods of selection, training, care and control of animals together with appropriate professional education of therapists can increase considerably the quality of therapeutic programmes, identify the animals unsuitable for such activities and look for alternative ways of their management and other forms of their involvement.

Date 2009
Publication Title Folia Veterinaria
Volume 53
Issue 1
Pages 62-64
ISBN/ISSN 0015-5748
Language English
Author Address Department of the environment, University of Veterinary Medicine Komenskeho 73, 041 81 Kosice, Slovakia.
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  1. Animal behavior
  2. Animal physiology
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  4. Animal welfare
  5. Education
  6. Ethics
  7. Fatigue
  8. Fear
  9. Stress
  10. therapeutics
  11. therapy
  12. tiredness
  13. training of animals