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Human Animal Interaction

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This MSc will introduce students to interdisciplinary approaches and a diverse range of methods used to research our relationships with other species. This course introduces a broad range of topics and considers human-animal interactions across a diverse range of contexts from pet owning to animal assisted interventions, zoos, farms and conservation.
Psychology at Stirling has a vibrant research culture and our taught postgraduate students are fully integrated in the research community, meeting up for weekly research seminars and informal specialist discussion groups. Psychology masters students have access to a dedicated suite of study and teaching rooms.


Katie Carroll

Location Scotland, UK
Department Psychology
  • Master's
Format campus-based
Language English
Institution University of Sterling
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  1. Animal-assisted education
  2. Animal roles
  3. Animals in culture
  4. Education
  5. Human-animal bond research
  6. Human-animal interactions
  7. Psychiatry and psychology
  8. Universities and Colleges