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Pets as Persons Under the Law in Custody Disputes

By Danyelle Melissa Shapiro

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My personal experiences have led to my passionate view that pets should be considered persons under the law. My father died at a young age, leaving my mom alone having to raise three children on her own. After all three of us moved out she has been lonely not having us around. Luckily for my mother, Elky, our cute little Jack Russell terrier, is there to keep her company and exude the sense of companionship lacking in her daily life. It makes me happy to know that my mother has such a great companion by her side. Especially when I am not around all the time because of my busy schedule and soon I will be moving out when I graduate law school. Although my mother never remarried and will not have a custody dispute over who gets possession of Elky, it is through her relationship with my dog that I understand why people consider dogs their children.


Katie Carroll

Date 2013
Publication Title Law School Student Scholarship
Publisher Seton Hall Law
Language English
Additional Language English
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