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Institut fur Interdisziplinare Erforschung der Mensch-Tier-Beziehung(IEMT Schweiz)

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The Institute for Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Human-Animal-Relationship (IEMT Switzerland) is a non-profit organization recognized since 1990 and supports research on different aspects of the relationship between people and their pets.

The human-animal relationship has a positive effect on our health. Therefore, it is perceived around the world as increasingly important aspect of public health (Public Health). Moreover, there are so many dependencies and interactions between the health of humans, animals and the environment, that there may be actually only a health (One Health). The IEMT Switzerland relies on this approach the One Health concept, which combines human and veterinary medicine, and promotes cooperation in all disciplines. With its diverse aspects, the human-animal relationship represents an almost ideal example of the implementation of the One Health strategy.

President of IEMT Switzerland is internationally renowned ethologist Dr. Dennis C. Turner. It is private lecturer Heimtierethologie at Zurich University and Visiting Professor of animal-assisted therapy at Azabu University in Japan. The activities of IEMT be supported by a scientific advisory board, which is composed of eminent personalities from human and veterinary medicine and other scientific fields. Represented is the Scientific Advisory Board on the Board by Dr. Andrea Meisser, former president of the Swiss Society of Veterinarians (GST). Dr. Andrea Meisser deals under different projects intensively with Public Health.


Katie Carroll

Location Basel, Switzerland
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