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Man's best friend - dog's impact on health and wellbeing

By My Anderson, Daniel Benkel

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The dog has since 40,000 years found in man and worked at its side. The impact on people in both the physical and mental plane over the years has been detected, and by putting the dog in relation to the concepts of care they can spiritual aspects to be highlighted and show how man and dog can benefit from each other. In the nursing profession are there to see the whole person, pay attention to his suffering and promote health. The purpose of this essay is to explore the h moreUnden impact on people's health and wellbeing and discuss this in relation to nursing. A literature review was made on the 11 articles analyzed along similarities and differences in the results, and categories designed for this. The results showed that the dog has a good effect on human health as it provides security, acceptance, someone to share experiences with and trust in, and increased well-being and quality of life. There are objections to the use of dogs in care, including allergies, zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animals to humans), physical damage and fear of dogs which should be taken into consideration before an intervention is implemented. The dog may have a place in care, since many positive effects on humans have been demonstrated. The dog provides unconditional comfort and security, acting supportive in stressful life events is a motivation for rehabilitation and donates force in tough moments.


Katie Carroll

Date 2011
Pages 31
Publisher University of Gothenburg
Department Institute of Health and Care Sciences
Degree Bachelor of Science
Language English
University University of Gothenburg
  1. Animal roles
  2. Dogs
  3. Health
  4. Human-animal interactions
  5. Human-animal relationships
  6. Mammals
  7. Mental health and well-being
  8. Pet ownership
  9. Pets and companion animals
  10. Physical health and well-being