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Hoofbeats with Heart

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Hoofbeats with Heart is 501(c)(3) charity run solely by dedicated volunteers none of whom take a salary. Our passion is improving the lives of the physically and mentally challenged, anchoring at risk youth and giving grief a voice through the fellowship between humans and horses.

Hoofbeats with Heart is the only equine therapy center in the East Valley to offer all four Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT) services recognized by PATH (formerly known as the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) to individuals living with a variety of physical and emotional disabilities. Services offered at Hoofbeats with Heart are:

  • Therapeutic Riding (TR)
  • Hippotherapy (HPOT)
  • Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL)
  • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)

The discipline associated with working with horses and the social interactions between peers benefit the mind and spirit, raises self-esteem and increases self-sufficiency through accomplishment. The unconditional love of the horse is proven to reduce anxiety, encourage interaction and offer a haven where riders can feel a sense of empowerment. Our EAAT programs are conducted by nationally certified instructors.


Spencer CW Au

Location "43491 N Coyote Rd San Tan Valley AZ 85140"
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