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The changing social meanings of pets and their alternative futures

By Ya-ling Chou

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關於研究方法,本研究運用未來學方法論中的因素層級分析法(Casual Layered Analysis)並經由因素層級分析法,藉由雙變項情境規畫法的應用,產生四個可能的寵物未來。第一寵物綠化未來;第二為無寵物未來;第三為寵物工業未來;第四為寵物新文化。在每一種未來中加入由CLA建構出的情境規劃分析,提供讀者由淺至深、不同層面的解析。

The reason that pets have become so popular lies in their functionality as companions and objects of entertainment. In addition, with the constant development of both capitalism and various technologies, pets have reached the point of becoming accessories to humans. Indeed, humans and pets, respectively, live in an upper and lower class relationship. People usually see pets as belongings and want to control them.
Since pets are part of humans’ lives, at the aim of this research is to explore and uncover the social meaning(s) of pets in human society and, hopefully, provide alternative futures of pets to pets/animals, non-pet owners, and decision makers.
As for the research methodology, I have utilized Dr. Inayatullah’s Casual Layered Analysis (CLA) and scenarios with double variable incasting. This has resulted in four possible pet futures: Win-win, Gaia, Identity loss, and Transformer. At each scenario, readers can observe different levels of facts and understanding.


Spencer CW Au

Date 2010
Translated Title 寵物的社會意義與可能未來
Pages 87
Publisher Tamkang University
Location of Publication New Taipei City, Taiwan
Language English
University Tamkang University
  1. Alternative Futures
  2. Animal consciousness
  3. Animal roles
  4. Animal welfare
  5. Casual Layerered Analysis
  6. Cats
  7. Dogs
  8. Mammals
  9. Pet ownership
  10. Pets and companion animals
  11. Scenarios
  12. Social Environments