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Public Policy: Community Safety Through Breed Bans?

By Deirdre S. Franklin

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The research performed provided several insights and outcomes that were anticipated in the research question. By analyzing the effects of breed specific legislation (BSL) and the statistics relative to dog bites, dog shelters and rescue groups, it became clear that the BSL does not work. This case study provides extensive proof to support this conclusion.


Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Date 2013
Pages 63
Publisher The Humane Society
Location of Publication Washington, D.C.
Language English
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  1. Animal roles
  2. Animal shelters
  3. Animals in culture
  4. Bites and stings
  5. breed specific legislation
  6. Dogs
  7. Euthanasia
  8. Legislation
  9. Mammals
  10. muzzling
  11. Pet ownership
  12. Pets and companion animals
  13. Rescue Work
  14. Social Environments