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Circumpolarity : Human-Animal Relationships in the Circumpolar North

By David George Anderson

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This five-year project investigates how people and animals today, and in the past, build sustainable communities around the circumpolar Arctic.


Mason N McLary

HABRI Central

Date 2012
Pages 8
Publisher University of Aberdeen
Location of Publication Aberdeen, Scotland
Conference Title IASC: Between Discourses and Modernities: Histories and Methodologies of Arctic Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts
Language English
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  1. Animal-assisted activities
  2. Animal roles
  3. Animals in culture
  4. Animal welfare
  5. Anthropology
  6. Archaeology
  7. Arctic region
  8. Deer
  9. Domestication
  10. genetic sampling
  11. Health
  12. Pet ownership
  13. Pets and companion animals
  14. Physical environment
  15. Science
  16. Wild animals