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We are The Walton Family and we have lived on our Tottenham farm since 2009. Our farm is nestled on 10 acres of land, at the top of a hill with long views of nature. Growing up in the big city, my husband and I knew from the time we met in 2002 that we craved the farm life. On our long country drives, we would dream about a different way of life that connected us with animals and nature. We were called to embark on a journey of self discovery and healing with Nature and Horses. We had no idea, at that time, what this journey would entail. It truly is a labor of love. We take care of the land and our animals every day, as well as the many wild animals that visit and reside here. We have had many neighbourhood animals curiously show up on our farm as well, including cats, dogs and even our neighbour's horse! We have set a clear intention, together with our Herd of Horse Teachers, that our farm would be a special space for people to come and explore Nature and Horses in a different way. A way that would liberate and empower them AND the Horses.  Many people comment that when they arrive at our property they can "take a breath of fresh air". Some have shed a few tears of release when they arrive, commenting that they "finally feel safe enough to be their true selves". We truly feel that this is all related to the energy of our purpose and mission, together with the Horses, to hold this space as a place for healing.  Our vision has grown and changed over the years. It has taken us for quite a ride. The ride has taught us so much about our selves, each other, and just how powerful the connection we have with the energy that surrounds us can be when we allow it. Animals (and people!) gravitate here. We host a ton of wildlife, have rehabilitated countless injured or orphaned animals and honor all animals that pass through our land. None of Nature's Beings, gifts and lessons go unnoticed here.

We are humbled to care for the animals on our farm. We care for them every day with love and connection. I spent years studying the care of Horses from various philosophies. Along the way I have paid attention to the work of horse trainers, behaviorist, veterinarians, aromatherapists, Ayurvedic practitioners, barefoot trimmers and homeopaths, in order to learn and absorb the various ways of caring for our Horses and, ultimately, creating a way that feels right on our farm. 

Our Horses live outside 24/7 with shelter and receive free choice hay and a daily individualized blend of Ayurvedic herbs. They receive Reiki and gentle massage as well as essential oil treatments for things that come up for them, from physical to emotional issues. We spend time communicating with each Horse to ensure that their needs are being met on all levels. I have spent countless hours working with Chris Irwin's horsemanship methods and studying the work of Carolyn Resnick, Margrit Coates and Linda Tellington-Jones. I have been inspired by these many philosophies and have created my own compilation, including yogic and Reiki principles, as away of being with Horses, . I like to call it "Horse Listening".



Katie Osborn

Location Tottenham, Ontario
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