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Stand With Me is a 501(c)3 organization which has been created to serve veterens who have a service-related mental health disability.

Stand With Me does a great deal more than just train dogs for disabled veterans.

We provide a year-long training school for veteran/dog teams.

The most important ingredient in effective service dog work is a well-trained human handler.



  • Assistance Dog / Service Dog - Team Training
  • Serving veterans with a service-related mental health disability.
  • Official Service Dog Team Registration documentation and ID provided at completion of program.  Recertification testing will be necessary to keep STAND WITH ME registration documents current. 


  • STAND WITH ME is a program designed for Veterans with a mental health disability who wish to train their own dog to become their Service Dog.
  • We also provide assistance in obtaining a canine candidate for the program if you do not already own a dog.
  • Application process includes request for scholarship funding.
  • A service dog is a member of a team. You will be the leader of that team. STAND WITH ME provides you with the training you will need to become your dog’s leader, trainer, teammate.
  • Our owner/trainer program helps to create the necessary bond between human and canine for both to become effective members of a service dog team.
  • The process of going through our program will have a profoundly positive impact on quality of life for both you and your dog.  Developing a working team relationship with a dog is a therapeutic experience.
  • This is a long term commitment.  Very likely a minimum of one year of focused work.
  • STAND WITH ME will provide skills, teaching and coaching, support and encouragement.  Training a dog is a long term project that is not always easy, but is almost always very rewarding and uplifting. 

Katie Osborn

Location Binghampton, NY
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