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Medicine Horse Program

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Medicine Horse Program enhances the mental health and life skills of youth, adults, families, and groups through therapeutic interaction with horses.

Medicine Horse Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of adolescents, adults and families through unique equine-assisted experiences. We provide group and individual therapy sessions that focus on healing.

Our services aim to meet the particular needs of low-income individuals referred to us by local city and county agencies. Vulnerable youth populations are an emphasis at Medicine Horse Program. In addition to offeringprograms for at-risk youth, MHP also provides individual, family, and group therapy for many populations and needs.  Our talented group of therapists offer services for LGBTQ people, veterans, grief groups, eating disorders, people who have experienced trauma, and more.


Katie Osborn

Location 8778 Arapahoe Rd. Boulder, CO 80303
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  4. Horses
  5. Income
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  7. veterans