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Therapy Dogs of Boulder County

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  1. The TDBC is a group of like-minded people (and their dogs) gathered together to enhance and perform the wonderful services of therapy dog work for Boulder County, Colorado and surrounding areas.
  2. The TDBC is a website attempting to bring all therapy dog teams operating in Boulder County, Colorado together in one place in an effort to help coordinate the operations and successes of all approved therapy dog programs inside and nearby in the County.
  3. Everyone working inside the TDBC as therapy dog teams (a team is a handler and their household pet dog) are VOLUNTEERS.  They are not allowed to accept payment for their actual visits.

Our Goal:  To bring about thousands of smiles per week via hundreds of teams visiting retirement communities, schools, libraries, hospitals and many special events to help provide some peaceful moments during stressful times. 


Katie Osborn

Location Boulder County, Colorado
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