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Promoting resiliency in adolescent girls through adventure programming

By Anja Whittington, Jeffery E. Aspelmeier, Nadine W. Budbill

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This study examined whether participation in an adventure program increased the resiliency of adolescent girls. Eighty-seven girls who participated in Dirt Divas, a non-profit, adventure program, completed the Resiliency Scale for Children and Adolescents® before and after their experience. Means-comparison tests for within-subjects designs were conducted and revealed that participants reported significantly higher levels of resilience after completing the Dirt Divas program, compared with their pre-program reports. Mixed-model repeated-measures analyses of variance showed that the changes in the girls’ resiliency were not affected by their socioeconomic status. Lastly, the long-term impact results (one month post participation) indicate that observed increases in resilience persist over time.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2016
Publication Title Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning
Volume 16
Issue 1
Pages 2-15
ISBN/ISSN 1472-9679
Publisher Taylor & Francis
DOI 10.1080/14729679.2015.1047872
Language English
Additional Language English
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