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The idea of Future Roots was founded by Julie Plumley in 2006. She grew up on a dairy farm in Dorset, and qualified as a  social worker in 1998 and felt that the young people she was helping through troubled times would benefit from learning & development in a farm environment.

In 2008 she made this vision into reality by setting up Future Roots based at Rylands Farm. The goal is clear: to build the wellbeing and resilience of everyone who takes part in the programmes and to help them progress and achieve their potential. The idea of resilience, to bounce back from adversity in a positive way, underpins all of the activities and enables Future Roots to be effective in their goal.

Today we deliver our services at two sites in Dorset: Rylands Farm and Whitfield. Both sites can accommodate wheelchair users, but if personal care is required then an individual carer will be required.

The staff are all level 3 qualified in different aspects of care learning or therapeutic interventions and have extensive experience of working with young people who have poor social, emotional & behavioral traits.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Location Dorset, UK
Status Active
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