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  1. The birth of a jungle : animality in progressive-era U.S. literature and culture

    Contributor(s): Lundblad, Michael

  2. Guilty robots, happy dogs : the question of alien minds

    Contributor(s): McFarland, David

  3. Zoo culture

    Contributor(s): Mullan, Bob , Marvin, Garry

  4. The animal part : human and other animals in the poetic imagination

    Contributor(s): Payne, Mark

  5. Pet loss and children : establishing a healthy foundation

    Contributor(s): Ross, Cheri Barton

  6. Unconditional honor : wounded warriors and their dogs

    Contributor(s): Scott, Cathy

  7. The Assessment and Treatment of Children Who Abuse Animals: the AniCare Child Approach

    Contributor(s): Shapiro, Kenneth, Randour, Mary Lou , Krinsk, Susan , Wolf, Joann L.

  8. Canine and feline behavior for veterinary technicians and nurses

    Contributor(s): Shaw, J. K., Martin, D.

  9. Dogs that know when their owners are coming home : and other unexplained powers of animals

    Contributor(s): Sheldrake, Rupert

  10. The loss of a pet : a guide to coping with the grieving process when a pet dies

    Contributor(s): Sife, Wallace

  11. The secret language of dolphins

    Contributor(s): St John, Patricia

  12. Partners : everyday working dogs being heroes every day

    Contributor(s): Walton, Nan

  13. Loyal hearts : histories of American Civil War canines

    Contributor(s): Zucchero, Michael , Schroeder, Patrick A.

  14. To understand a cat : methodology and philosophy

    Contributor(s): Rakover, Sam S.

  15. Communication in Humans and Other Animals

    Contributor(s): Hakansson, Gisela, Westander, Jennie

  16. The Follinglo dog book : a Norwegian pioneer story from Iowa

    Contributor(s): Tjernagel, Peder Gustav

  17. Bred for Perfection: Shorthorn Cattle, Collies, and Arabian Horses since 1800

    Contributor(s): Derry, Margaret E.

  18. The wild and the domestic : animal representation, ecocriticism, and western American literature

    Contributor(s): Nelson, Barney

  19. La fin des bêtes une ethnographie de la mise à mort des animaux

    Contributor(s): Rémy, Catherine

  20. A dog's life : Boomer Jack of the Northwestern Pacific

    Contributor(s): Kilian, Lincoln