The HABRI Foundation is calling for research proposals to investigate the health outcomes of pet ownership and/or animal-assisted activity or therapy, both for the people and the animals involved. To learn more, visit close


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  1. Animals in the classical world : ethical perspectives from Greek and Roman texts

    Contributor(s): Harden, Alastair

  2. Dogs in action : working dogs and their stories

    Contributor(s): Alomajan, Maria

  3. Contribution of the pet care industry to the Australian economy

    Contributor(s): Australian Companion Animal, Council

  4. Men and their dogs: a new understandings of man's best friend

    Contributor(s): Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  5. Petishism; pets and their people in the Western World

    Contributor(s): Szasz, Kathleen

  6. Dominance & affection: The making of pets

    Contributor(s): Tuan, Yi-Fu

  7. Biophilia

    Contributor(s): Wilson, Edward O.

  8. A history of domesticated animals

    Contributor(s): Zeuner, Frederick Everard

  9. The British dog: Its history from earliest times

    Contributor(s): Ritchie, Carson IA

  10. Animals with human faces

    Contributor(s): Rowland, Beryl

  11. Loving and losing a pet : a psychologist and a veterinarian share their wisdom

    Contributor(s): Stern, Michael, Cropper, Susan

  12. Animals and their legal rights: a survey of American laws from 1641 to 1990

    Contributor(s): Leavitt, Emily Stewart

  13. French Thinking about Animals

    Contributor(s): Mackenzie, Louisa, Posthumus, Stephanie

  14. Animals and why they matter?

    Contributor(s): Midgley, Mary

  15. Animals as neighbors: the past and present of commensal species

    Contributor(s): O'Connor, Terry

  16. Animal play behavior

    Contributor(s): Fagen, Robert

  17. Animal cognition

    Contributor(s): Gallistel, Charles R

  18. Love for animals and how it developed in Great Britain

    Contributor(s): Harwood, Dix

  19. Goodbye, friend : healing wisdom for anyone who has ever lost a pet

    Contributor(s): Kowalski, Gary A.

  20. Animals in war

    Contributor(s): Cooper, Jilly