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  1. Section 9: The human-animal bond

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall, Ascione, Frank R.

  2. Deadly serious: an FBI perspective on animal cruelty

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall, Church, Ann

  3. The tangled web of animal abuse: the links between cruelty to animals and human violence

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall, Hodge, Guy R.

  4. Solitary, yet sociable

    Contributor(s): Lockyer, Christina, Müller, Monica

  5. Raising welfare standards for endurance riding. (UFAW Animal Welfare Series)

    Contributor(s): Loving, N. S.

    This chapter covers the welfare issues associated with the use of horses in endurance riding. Endurance riding is described as well as the inherent risks of the sport. Regulations and standards that are followed in endurance riding are presented. Measures to avoid metabolic consequences in...

  6. The horse as a companion animal. (UFAW Animal Welfare Series)

    Contributor(s): Loving, N. S.

    This chapter focuses on the welfare issues associated with horses kept as companion animals. The use of the companion horse for athletic pursuits, breeding, overprotection of foals, incompatibility of the horse to the purchaser, sale and purchase of horses with behavioural problems, loss of...

  7. The case for animals as the property of humans

    Contributor(s): Lowder, Catie

  8. Taming ourselves or going feral? Toward a nonpatriarchal metaethic of animal liberation

    Contributor(s): Luke, Brian

  9. Early human-animal relationships and temperament differences among domestic dairy goats

    Contributor(s): Lyons, David M.

  10. Variation in dog society: between resource dispersion and social flux

    Contributor(s): Macdonald, D.W., Carr, G.M.

  11. Coping with burnout in the human/research animal relationship

    Contributor(s): Mader, Bonnie S.

  12. Cruelty and kindness to the 'brute creation': stability and change in the ethics of the man-animal relationship, 1600-1850

    Contributor(s): Maehle, Andreas-Holger

  13. Attachment and animal abuse

    Contributor(s): Magid, Ken

  14. How different experimental factors affect the relationship

    Contributor(s): Mahoney, C. James

  15. Pet abuse: relationships to psychobiology, attachment processes, and domestic violence

    Contributor(s): Maiuro, Ronald D., Eberle, Jane A., Rastaman, Pooka, Snowflake, Bianca

  16. Designing and implementing animal-assisted therapy programs in health and mental health organizations

    Contributor(s): Mallon, Gerald P., Ross, Samuel B., Jr., Ross, Lisa

  17. Personnel considerations: hiring, training, attitudes

    Contributor(s): Mandrell, Timothy D.

  18. Introduction

    Contributor(s): Manning, Aubrey, Serpell, James

  19. Treating canine behavior problems: behavior modification, obedience, and agility training

    Contributor(s): Marder, Amy, Reid, Pamela J.