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  1. Attachment and animal abuse

    Contributor(s): Magid, Ken

  2. How different experimental factors affect the relationship

    Contributor(s): Mahoney, C. James

  3. Pet abuse: relationships to psychobiology, attachment processes, and domestic violence

    Contributor(s): Maiuro, Ronald D., Eberle, Jane A., Rastaman, Pooka, Snowflake, Bianca

  4. Designing and implementing animal-assisted therapy programs in health and mental health organizations

    Contributor(s): Mallon, Gerald P., Ross, Samuel B., Jr., Ross, Lisa

  5. Personnel considerations: hiring, training, attitudes

    Contributor(s): Mandrell, Timothy D.

  6. Introduction

    Contributor(s): Manning, Aubrey, Serpell, James

  7. Treating canine behavior problems: behavior modification, obedience, and agility training

    Contributor(s): Marder, Amy, Reid, Pamela J.