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  1. A THEORY OF 'ANIMAL BORDERS': Thoughts and Practices toward Non-human Animals among the G|ui Hunter-Gatherers

    Contributor(s): Sugawara, Kazuyoshi

  2. Animal Autonomy and Intermittent Coexistences: North Asian Modes of Herding

    Contributor(s): Stépanoff, Charles, Marchina, Charlotte

  3. Comment

    Contributor(s): Stepanoff, Charles

  4. Laugrand, Frédéric and Jarich Oosten: Hunters, Predators, and Prey: Inuit Perceptions of Animals

    Contributor(s): Searles, Edmund

    2017Human Ecology456883-88403007839Springer Science & Business MediaNew York of Sociology and Anthropology, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, USA ; Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bucknell University,...

  5. A Case Study on Moral Disengagement and Rationalization in the Context of Portuguese Bullfighting

    Contributor(s): Rodrigues, Luís Cordeiro

  6. Positive Thinking as a Moral and Existential Virtue

    Contributor(s): Sandu, Frunza

  7. What Explains Wildlife Value Orientations? A Study among Central African Forest Dwellers

    Contributor(s): Rickenbach, O., Reyes-garcía, V.

  8. "A Super Wild Story": Shared Human-Pigeon Lives and the Questions They Beg

    Contributor(s): Rautio, Pauliina

  9. Snared: Ethics and Nature in Animal Protection

    Contributor(s): Reed, Adam

  10. More-than-toad: Conflicts and Ruminations in Cane Toad Management

    Contributor(s): Nyquist, Jon Rasmus

  11. Emotional impacts of environmental decline: What can Native cosmologies teach sociology about emotions and environmental justice?

    Contributor(s): Norgaard, Kari Marie

  12. Criminalising the right to hunt: European law perspectives on anti-hunting legislation

    Contributor(s): Nurse, Angus

  13. Nature, Culture, and Society: Anthropological Perspectives on Life

    Contributor(s): Moyer, Eileen

  14. Written and spoken words: representations of animals and intimacy

    Contributor(s): Nickie, Charles

  15. Zoonotic diagrams: mastering and unsettling human-animal relations

    Contributor(s): Lynteris, Christos

  16. Review: Donna J Haraway, Manifestly Haraway: The Cyborg Manifesto, The Companion Species Manifesto, Companions in Conversation (with Cary Wolfe)

    Contributor(s): Latimer, Joanna

  17. How Do Hunter-Gatherer Children Learn Subsistence Skills?

    Contributor(s): Lew-levy, Sheina

  18. How the University Organizational Culture Is Being Experienced? Phenomenological Studies of Experiencing the Here and Now of the Organization

    Contributor(s): Konecki, Krzysztof

  19. Why Not the City?: Urban Hawk Watching and the End of Nature

    Contributor(s): Hunold, Christian

  20. INTRODUCTION: Minor Traditions, Shizen Equivocations, and Sophisticated Conjunctions

    Contributor(s): Jensen, Casper Bruun