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  1. Note complémentaire sur l'élevage des pélicans par les anciens Egyptiens

    Contributor(s): Schneider, Jacques, Voisin, Jean-François

  2. The introduction of mammals to the Outer Hebrides and the role of boats in stock management

    Contributor(s): Serjeantson, Dale

  3. Some effects of hunting on wild mammalian populations

    Contributor(s): Sforzi, A., Lovari, S.

  4. Historic and prehistoric animal pathologies from North America

    Contributor(s): Shaffer, Brian S., Baker, Barry W.

  5. Reconstructing animal exploitation by Puebloan peoples of the southwestern United States using Mimbres pottery, AD 1000-1150

    Contributor(s): Shaffer, Brian S., Gardner, Karen M.

  6. Pour une archéozoologie de la maisonnée: espaces des déchets et modes de subsistance d'une communauté villageoise alpine du 1er Age du Fer (Brig-Glis/Waldmatte, Valais, Suisse) - essai critique et r

    Contributor(s): Sidi Maamar, Hassan, Gillioz, Pierre-Alain

  7. Modern wildlife management : example of four species in the province of Alessandria (Italy)

    Contributor(s): Silvano, F., Acquarone, C., Cucco, M., Malacarne, G.

  8. Chicken Husbandry in Late-Medieval Eastern England: c. 1250-1400

    Contributor(s): Slavin, Philip

  9. The wild horses of eastern Europe and the polyphylethic origin of the domestic horse

    Contributor(s): Spassov, Nikolai, Iliev, Nikolai

  10. The pacification of the Maasai and the transformation of the prophet's tribute

    Contributor(s): Spencer, Paul

  11. Spatial features in large mammal populations

    Contributor(s): Spitz, F., Tasse, G.

  12. Late medieval bone bead production: socio-economic aspects based on material from Constance, Germany

    Contributor(s): Spitzers, Thomas Alexander

  13. Hallan Cemi Tepesi: High-ranked Game Exploitation alongside Intensive Seed Processing at the Epipaleolithic-Neolithic Transition in Southeastern Turkey

    Contributor(s): Starkovich, Britt M., Stiner, Mary C.

  14. Zur Grössenentwicklung der Hausrinder in Schweden im Zeitraum des Mittelalters und der Frühneuzeit

    Contributor(s): Sten, Sabine

  15. Patterns of chemical change in fossil bones and various states of bone preservation associated with soil conditions

    Contributor(s): Stephan, Elisabeth

  16. L'approvisionnement de Paris en poisson au 16ème siècle: que disent les sources bibliographiques? Que peut-on espérer des données ichtyofauniques des Jardins du Carrousel?

    Contributor(s): Sternberg, Myriam

  17. Characteristics of modern foraging camps and their faunas from Lake Turkana, Kenya

    Contributor(s): Stewart, Kathlyn M., Gifford-Gonzalez, D. P., Rybczynski, Natalia

  18. Nommer l'animal en arabe d'après un auteur du XIIe siècle = Names given to animals according to a XIIth century Arabic source

    Contributor(s): Sublet, Jacqueline

  19. La chasse au bouquetin au Paléolithique supérieur en zone alpine = Upper Palaeolithic ibex hunting in the alpine zone

    Contributor(s): Tagliacozzo, Antonio, Fiore, I.

  20. Allometrische Aspekte zur Ermittlung der Wideristhöhle bei Schweinen auf der Grundlage der Daten von M. Teichert

    Contributor(s): Teichert, Manfred, May, Eberhard, Hannemann, Klaus