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  1. Animal welfare teaching in the veterinary medicine and animal science programs: veterinary medicine

    Contributor(s): Molento, C. F. M.

    It is essential today that veterinarians and animal scientists learn animal welfare basic concepts and their main applications. The objective of this review is to reflect on issues related to animal welfare teaching, with emphasis in the Brazilian context, discussing the challenges and...

  2. Ethics and animal welfare in wild primates

    Contributor(s): Oliveira, M. A. B. de

    The concept of 'ethics' is usually applied, among primates, to humans only. This article argues that it should also be applied to non-human primates. Brazil is the 'guardian' of the most rich and diverse - and threatened - fauna of non-human primates in the world. Of 103 recognized species, 26...

  3. [Musculoskeletal rehabilitation and bone. Development of Simulator (Jouba) for horse riding therapy and utility for the aged]

    Contributor(s): Ishida, K., Kimura, T., Wang, S., Shinomiya, Y., Sekine, O., Ozawa, T.

  4. Applying a traditional individual psychotherapy model to Equine-facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP): theory and method

    Contributor(s): Karol, J.

  5. The clinical use of pets with the aged

    Contributor(s): Brickel, C. M.

  6. Plush animals as therapy in a nursing home

    Contributor(s): Francis, G. M.

  7. The positive influence of animals: animal-assisted therapy in acute care

    Contributor(s): Barba, B. E.

  8. The human/animal bond as a correlate of family functioning

    Contributor(s): Cox, R. P.

  9. Pet therapy ... a howling success

    Contributor(s): Saylor, K.

  10. Pet loss and bereavement

    Contributor(s): Barker, S. B.

  11. The human animal bond and the practicing veterinarian

    Contributor(s): Mitchener, K. L.

  12. The veterinarian's role in the human-animal bond

    Contributor(s): Mitchener, K. L.

  13. Facilitating companion animal death

    Contributor(s): Lagoni, L., Butler, C.

    This article describes suggested preparation of owners who wish to be present during euthanasia; euthanasia logistics; facilitating owner-present euthanasia, and aftercare of the owners. It is concluded that when euthanasia is skillfully and sensitively planned and performed, the experience may...

  14. Socialization classes for puppies and kittens

    Contributor(s): Crowell-Davis, S. L.

  15. Human feet are not mice: how to treat human-directed feline aggression

    Contributor(s): Crowell-Davis, S. L.

  16. Motivation for pet ownership and its relevance to behavior problems

    Contributor(s): Crowell-Davis, S. L.

  17. Closing the gap between animals and humans

    Contributor(s): Gerber, J.

  18. Closing the gap between animals and humans

    Contributor(s): Jorgensen, J. R.

  19. The declawing debate

    Contributor(s): Neunzig, R. J.

  20. Ethics and compassionate cancer care: where do we draw the line?

    Contributor(s): Ogilvie, G. K.