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  1. Veterinary deontology: from sacrifice to euthanasia

    Contributor(s): Malmierca, E.

    In recent years the word 'sacrifice' to denote the deliberate ending of an animal's life has been replaced by the term 'euthanasia' in many veterinary clinics. The question is raised whether this change in terminology is associated with a change in the attitude of the public regarding the loss of...

  2. Pet facilitated therapy

    Contributor(s): Harker, B.

  3. Emotional aspects generated by the death of a pet

    Contributor(s): Gardemann, P. N., Paranzini, C. S., Neta, J. H., Trapp, S. M.

    The connection between a man and a fellow animal has been increasingly intense as well as its benefits. The emotions identified in an owner who loses his pet highlight the importance of the family. Through the application of a questionnaire, it was found that the most common feelings generated by...

  4. Use of hippotherapy in gait training for hemiparetic post-stroke

    Contributor(s): Beinotti, F., Correia, N., Christofoletti, G., Borges, G.

  5. Responsible ownership of dogs in Buenos Aires district (Teresina, PI)

    Contributor(s): Silva, F. A. N., Carvalho, R. L., Klein, R. P., Quessada, A. M.

    This work aimed to analyse the relationship of dog owners with their animals to determine responsible ownership in Buenos Aires district, Teresina (PI), Argentina. 77 interviews were conducted. It was noted that in this district, most people never took the dog to the veterinarian (75.3

  6. How to deal with clients when their pets die

    Contributor(s): Malmierca, E.

    Veterinarians need to show understanding and provide more personal treatment during visits where clients' pets are put down. Reasons for putting down animals include loss of quality of life due to old age, terminal illnesses, or non-treatable behavioural problems. Vets can and should assess,...

  7. Ethics: views from IACUC members

    Contributor(s): Houde, L., Dumas, C., Leroux, T.

    Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) members were interviewed on various ethical matters, including ethics, animal ethics, science and ethics, and the use of animals in research, in order to explore their implicit ethical framework. The results revealed that IACUC members entertain...

  8. The moral standing of non-human primates: why they merit special consideration

    Contributor(s): Sauer, U. G.

    Scientific experiments with non-human primates are viewed very controversially. Those who use non-human primates for scientific purposes contend that the results will be of great benefit to humans. They say that the distress to the animals is minimal and that, therefore, their experiments are...

  9. Caulfield Hospital: a dog in residence

    Contributor(s): Conneely, E., Nott, G.

  10. Children who are cruel to animals: a revisit

    Contributor(s): Luk, E. S., Staiger, P. K., Wong, L., Mathai, J.

  11. Frederic Wood Jones' empathy with living creatures

    Contributor(s): Christophers, B. E.

  12. The third age

    Contributor(s): Hurst, C.

  13. ASAVA oncology presentations a highlight for Cairns 2003

  14. Attitudes of dog owners to neutering pets: demographic data and effects of owner attitudes

    Contributor(s): Blackshaw, J. K., Day, C.

  15. "Tamed" animals not "domesticated"

    Contributor(s): Carpenter, S.

  16. A longitudinal study of veterinary students and recent graduates. 4. Gender issues

    Contributor(s): Heath, T. J., Lanyon, A.

  17. A longitudinal study of veterinary students and recent graduates. 1. Backgrounds, plans and subsequent employment

    Contributor(s): Heath, T. J., Lynch-Blosse, M., Lanyon, A.

  18. Support for hurricane rescue efforts

    Contributor(s): Jackson, A.

  19. Pity the poor animals--save them from our foibles

    Contributor(s): Koppinen, J.

  20. Integrating practical, regulatory and ethical strategies for enhancing farm animal welfare

    Contributor(s): Mellor, D. J., Stafford, K. J.

    The study was conducted to provide an integrated view of relationships between assessment of animal welfare, societal expectations regarding animal welfare standards, the need for regulation, and two ethical strategies for promoting animal welfare, emphasizing farm animals. Ideas in relevant...