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  1. The Middle Neolithic and the Platia Magoula Zarkou : a review of current archaeozoological research in Thessaly (Greece)

    Contributor(s): Becker, Cornelia

  2. The economy and environment of a Roman, late-Roman and early Byzantine town in north-central Bulgaria: the mammalian fauna from Nicopolis-ad-Istrum

    Contributor(s): Beech, Mark

  3. The late Pleistocene primitive dog (Canis volgensis) and goat (Capra dzudzuana) of the western Transcaucasia

    Contributor(s): Bendukidze, Oleg G.

  4. Archeozoological studies on the transition from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic in the north Pontic region

    Contributor(s): Benecke, Norbert

  5. Zur Entwicklung der Rinderhaltung und Rinderzucht vom 1.-13. Jhrh. in Köln

    Contributor(s): Berke, Hubert

  6. Population dynamics of mouflon in a protected area of the Italian Alps

    Contributor(s): Bertolino, S., Hardenberg, A. von, Ribetto, G.

  7. La proprioception de l'animal dans le Stoïcisme = Proprioception of animals in Stoicism

    Contributor(s): Besnier, Bernard

  8. Modelling the working of hides in ethnology: proposition of a system open to archaeolog

    Contributor(s): Beyries, Sylvie

  9. Préparation et stockage des saumons sur la Fraser (Colombie Britannique)

    Contributor(s): Beyriès, Sylvie

  10. Modern frame of reference for ewes in the "southern pre-Alps" (Digne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France): husbandry practices and dental

    Contributor(s): Blaise, Emilie

  11. L'élevage au Néolithique final dans le sud-est de la France : éléments de réflexion sur la gestion des troupeaux = Late Neolithic breeding in southeast France : some thoughts about floc

    Contributor(s): Blaise, Ã

  12. Référentiel actuel de brebis "Préalpes du sud" (Digne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France) : pratiques d'élevage et âges dentaires = Modern frame of reference for ewes in the &qu

    Contributor(s): Blaise, Ã

  13. Faune paléarctique dans la tradition greco-romaine

    Contributor(s): Bodson, Liliane

  14. The black grouse, Tetrao tetrix (L.,1758) (Tetraonidae, Aves), a disappeared species in Bulgaria (Paleolithic and Neolithic records)

    Contributor(s): Boev, Zlatozar

  15. Zebus and Indian wild cattle

    Contributor(s): Bökönyi, Sándor

  16. The distribution and ethnozoology of frogs (and toad) in north-eastern Arnhem Land (Australia)

    Contributor(s): Boll, Valérie

  17. The trade in wild beasts for Roman spectacles: a green perspective

    Contributor(s): Bomgardner, David L.

  18. Du sacrifice au capital: de l'animal comme valeur

    Contributor(s): Bonte, Pierre

  19. Entre mythes et sacrifices : le dossier inachevé de la cynophagie dans le monde berbère = Between myth and sacrifice : the incomplete file on cynophagy among the Berbers

    Contributor(s): Bonte, Pierre

  20. The extinction of the megafauna: a supra-regional approach

    Contributor(s): Borrero, Luis Alberto