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  1. Dis-moi ce que tu manges et je te dirai qui tu es : le lait des Peuls, Kosam Foulbé = Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are : milk of the Peuls, Kosam Foulbé

    Contributor(s): Mamadou, Sada

  2. Wild and domestic animals in medieval Armenia

    Contributor(s): Manaserian, Ninna

  3. Remains of pigs from Bronze Age graves of Armenia

    Contributor(s): Manaserian, Ninna

  4. Abeilles et apiculture dans l'iconographie médievale

    Contributor(s): Mane, Perrine

  5. Zur frühesten Haustierhaltung in Bulgarien, am Beispiel der Tierknochenfunde von Koprivec

    Contributor(s): Manhart, Henriette

  6. Note sur les animaux utilisés à la chasse sous les Tang

    Contributor(s): Mansard, Valérie

  7. Exploitation et gestion démographique des poissons d'eau douce en Italie = Exploitation and management of freshwater fish in Italy

    Contributor(s): Marconato, E., Badino, G., Forneris, G.

  8. La Fragua Cave, a seasonal hunting camp in the lower Ason Valley (Cantabria, Spain) at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition

    Contributor(s): Marin Arroyo, Ana Belen, Gonzalez Morales, Manuel R.

  9. Late Neolithic economy at Lakeside settlements in western Switzerland

    Contributor(s): Marti-Graedel, Elisabeth, Stopp, Barbara

  10. Le nahualli : homme-dieu et double animal au Mexique = Nahualli : man-god and double animal in Mexico

    Contributor(s): Martínez González, Roberto

  11. Sur les figurines animalières de Suse (Iran) = Zoomorphic figurines from Susa (Iran)

    Contributor(s): Martinez-Sève, Laurianne

  12. The funeral rites at Mleiha (Sharja-U.A.E.): the camelid graves

    Contributor(s): Mashkour, Marjan

  13. Le sacrifice animal dans le temple de L'E. Babbar de Larsa (Irak) à la période hellénistique : témoignage des vestiges osseux = Animal sacrifice at the temple of Ebabbar at Larsa (Iraq) in the Helle

    Contributor(s): Mashkour, Marjan, Lecomte, Olivier, Eisenmann, Vera

  14. Holocene endemic and anthropochorous wild animals of the Mediterranean islands

    Contributor(s): Masseti, Marco

  15. In the gardens of Norman Palermo, Sicily (twelfth century AD)

    Contributor(s): Masseti, Marco

  16. The crested porcupine, Hystrix cristata L., 1758, in Italy

    Contributor(s): Masseti, Marco, Albarella, Umberto, Mazzorin, Jacopo De Grossi

  17. Exchange of livestock in early Christian Ireland, AD 450-1150

    Contributor(s): McCormick, Finbar

  18. The horse in early Ireland

    Contributor(s): McCormick, Finbar

  19. The Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo L.): a species considered to be invasive in France

    Contributor(s): Mechin, Colette

  20. A disturbing protected species: The common hamster in Alsace

    Contributor(s): Mechin, Colette