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  1. Closing the gap between animals and humans

    Contributor(s): Jorgensen, J. R.

  2. The declawing debate

    Contributor(s): Neunzig, R. J.

  3. Ethics and compassionate cancer care: where do we draw the line?

    Contributor(s): Ogilvie, G. K.

  4. Dominance versus leadership in dog training

    Contributor(s): Yin, S.

  5. Measuring clinical outcomes of animal-assisted therapy: impact on resident medication usage

    Contributor(s): Lust, E., Ryan-Haddad, A., Coover, K., Snell, J.

  6. Pet birds can bring disease

    Contributor(s): Burgess, J.

  7. The power of pastimes

    Contributor(s): Hegland, A.

  8. Companion animal behavior: a review of dog and cat behavior in the field, the laboratory and the clinic

    Contributor(s): Houpt, K. A.

  9. Family and pet visitation in the critical care unit

    Contributor(s): Cullen, L., Titler, M., Drahozal, R.

  10. Implementation of a pet visitation program in critical care

    Contributor(s): Giuliano, K. K., Bloniasz, E., Bell, J.

  11. What criteria should be used for pet therapy in critical care? Are you aware of any hospitals doing this?

    Contributor(s): Martin, S.

  12. The request

    Contributor(s): Solberg, T.

  13. Pets and the development of allergic sensitization

    Contributor(s): Simpson, A., Custovic, A.

    Sensitization to pets remains a risk factor for asthma and rhinitis, and can occur in people who have never lived with a pet. Several reports have indicated that living with a pet reduces the risk for becoming sensitized to that pet. Having a pet in the home gives exposure to more than just...

  14. Chimps ape man

    Contributor(s): Dixon, B.

  15. Does exposure to dogs and cats in the first year of life influence the development of allergic sensitization?

    Contributor(s): Ownby, D. R., Johnson, C. C.

    Purpose of review: The goal of the review is to place studies published after 1 June 2002, concerning the relationship between early life exposure to cats and dogs and the later development of allergy, within the context of the effects of other environmental exposures on allergic disease. Recent...

  16. Pruritus and the parakeet

    Contributor(s): Burke, W. A.

  17. Animal-assisted therapy: the human-animal bond

    Contributor(s): Cole, K. M., Gawlinski, A.

  18. Animal rights and the Olympic Games

  19. Medicine and the arts. All Things Wise and Wonderful [excerpt] by James Herriot. Commentary

    Contributor(s): Shea, S. L.

  20. Long-term effect of housing method during the first three months of life on human-animal relationship in female dairy cattle

    Contributor(s): Mogensen, L., Krohn, C. C., Foldager, J.

    To investigate the effect of housing during the first 3 months of life to the end of the first lactation on the human-animal relationship and milk production, 80 female dairy calves were housed either in open single pens (SOpen), closed single pens (SClosed), calf-groups (GCalf; 5 calves per...