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  1. 'It just opens up their world': autism, empathy, and the therapeutic effects of equine interactions

    Contributor(s): Malcolm, R.

  2. Inappropriate Urination

    Contributor(s): Borns-Weil, S.

  3. The importance of the human-animal bond

  4. Dog alerting and/or responding to epileptic seizures: A scoping review

    Contributor(s): Catala, A.

  5. Compatibility of Cats With Children in the Family

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Hart, L. A., Hart, B. L., Thigpen, A. P.

    Although studies involving pet dogs and cats, and human adults and children, have been reported, the specific interactions between cats and children have not. This study sought information from parents about the cat's role in families that have at least one child 3–12 years of age and...

  6. Benefits and challenges of using service dogs for veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Yarborough, B. J. H., Stumbo, S. P., Yarborough, M. T.

  7. Anthrozoology in Action: Performing Cognitive Training Paths in a Garden Shelter to Make Dogs More Suitable as Pets

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Vitulli, V.

  8. Advances in Applied Zoo Animal Welfare Science

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Ward, S. J., Sherwen, S., Clark, F. E.

  9. Why Should Human-Animal Interactions Be Included in Research of Working Equids' Welfare?

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Luna, D.

  10. Tinea blepharo-ciliaris in a 13-year-old girl caused by Trichophyton benhamiae

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Wang, F. Y.

  11. Thriving through relationships: assistance dogs' and companion dogs' perceived ability to contribute to thriving in individuals with and without a disability

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Gravrok, J.

  12. Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Riding for Children with Cerebral Palsy Gross Motor Functions

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Zaliene, L.

  13. Replication Pilot Trial of Therapeutic Horseback Riding and Cortisol Collection With Children on the Autism Spectrum

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Pan, Z., Granger, D. A., Guerin, N. A.

    We aimed to determine whether results of our prior randomized control trial [RCT; NCT02301195, (1)] of Therapeutic Horseback Riding (THR) for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) could be replicated at a different riding center and if treatment effects also...

  14. Majocchi's granuloma (granuloma trichophyticum) in a guinea pig owner: A case report and literature review

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Mazur, M.

  15. Longitudinal effects of human supremacy beliefs and vegetarianism threat on moral exclusion (vs. inclusion) of animals

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Leite, Ana C.

  16. Human-animal emotional contagion and client communication

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Milani, M.

    2017Can Vet J58121329-13300008-5286 (Print)0008-5286engDr. Milani is a behavior and bond practitioner, teacher, and author of several books on the interaction of animal behavior, health, and the human-animal relationship.text

  17. Incorporating animal-assisted therapy in mental health treatments for adolescents: A systematic review of canine assisted psychotherapy

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Jones, M. G., Rice, S. M.

  18. Fear vs. frustration - Possible factors behind canine separation related behaviour

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lenkei, R., Alvarez Gomez, S., Pongracz, P.

  19. Expectations for dog ownership: Perceived physical, mental and psychosocial health consequences among prospective adopters

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Powell, L.

  20. The effects of service dogs on psychosocial health and wellbeing for individuals with physical disabilities or chronic conditions

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Rodriguez, K. E., Bibbo, J., O'Haire, M. E.