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  1. Assembling the multitude: questions about agency in the urban environment

    Contributor(s): Brantz, Dorothee

  2. Diverse bodies: the challenge of new theoretical approaches to medical anthropology

    Contributor(s): Cohn, Simon

  3. Archaeology and Human-Animal Relations: Is Anthropocentrism an Issue?

    Contributor(s): Boyd, Brian

  4. Neurolinguistic Programming in Orientation and Mobility

    Contributor(s): Williams, F. M.

  5. The Reasonable Accommodation Requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

    Contributor(s): Wenkart, Ronald D.

  6. Seeing through Feeling

    Contributor(s): Vincent, Carol

  7. When You Meet a Dog Guide

    Contributor(s): Ulrey, Pauline

  8. Managing Dog Waste: Campaign Insights from the Health Belief Model

    Contributor(s): Typhina, Eli

  9. Visually Impaired People in Iran: Cultural and Environmental Effects on Orientation and Mobility Services

    Contributor(s): Taheri-Araghi, M.

  10. Doggone Good? Potential Benefits of Assistance Animals for Students on College Campuses

    Contributor(s): Polking, Amanda K.

  11. A Master Trainer Class for Professionals in Teaching the UltraCane Electronic Travel Device

    Contributor(s): Penrod, William

  12. The Role of a Mobility Instructor in a Dog Guide School

    Contributor(s): Orcutt, Stephen G.

  13. A Study into the Impact of the Reading Education Assistance Dogs Scheme on Reading Engagement and Motivation to Read among Early Years Foundation-Stage Children

    Contributor(s): Noble, Olivia

  14. Evaluation of Potential Dog Guide Users: The Role of the Orientation and Mobility Instructor

    Contributor(s): Milligan, Kristen

  15. Services for Visually Impaired Adults in Canada

    Contributor(s): Magarrell, G.

  16. Some Thoughts about Acquiring and Learning to Use a Dog Guide

    Contributor(s): Lambert, Robert M.

  17. Measuring the Effects of Reading Assistance Dogs on Reading Ability and Attitudes in Elementary Schoolchildren

    Contributor(s): Lenihan, Dawn

  18. Social Acknowledgments for Children with Disabilities: Effects of Service Dogs

    Contributor(s): Mader, Bonnie

  19. Complementary Travel Aids for Blind Persons: The Sonicguide Used with a Dog Guide

    Contributor(s): Jocobson, William

  20. The Sonicguide, Long Cane, and Dog Guide: Their Compatibility. [and] Rejoinder

    Contributor(s): Kay, Leslie