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  1. Animal sociology

    Reports | Contributor(s): Joan Shambrook Weer

    The study of animal behavior has fascinated man ever since the time of Aesop. By long historical tradition, people have seen parodies of human behavior in the actions of animals. However, this subject did not receive any serious attention from scientists until the middle of the nineteenth...

  2. Creating a template of nonverbal cues for immobile recipients to use in communicating with service dogs

    Reports | Contributor(s): Marisa B. Laudau

    For people with physical disabilities, it is often frustrating and embarrassing to have to constantly ask for assistance with everyday tasks. Service dogs not only provide constant companionship, but they also act as the arms and legs of their disabled owners. By performing tasks such as opening...

  3. Human-canine relationships: Dog behavior and owner perceptions

    Reports | Contributor(s): Briannan K. Byrd

    Owning a dog has many physiological and psychological advantages; however, dog behavior can manifest itself in a variety of negative ways, including aggression. Research suggested that genetics and environment might play a role in aggression. It was demonstrated that owners can affect their...

  4. A Member of the Family: A Practical Ideal Type for Including Companion Animals in Protective Orders

    Reports | Contributor(s): Loi N Taylor

    Research Purpose: The purpose of this research is threefold using the 13 states that passed legislation to include companion animals in protective orders between 2006 and 2009. The first purpose is to establish a practical ideal type for the automatic inclusion of companion animals in protective...

  5. Canines and childhood cancer: Examining the effects of therapy dogs with childhood cancer patients and their families

    Full-text: Available

    Reports | Contributor(s): Molly Jenkins, Ashleigh Ruehrdanz, Amy McCullough, John D Fluke

    This document is a comprehensive review of the literature on childhood cancer epidemiology; pediatric oncology treatment; physical and psychosocial well-being impacts of childhood cancer for children and their families; human-animal bond history and research; and the application of...

  6. HABRI Central Management Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - March 20th, 2012

    Reports | Contributor(s): Christopher C Charles

    These minutes reflect the proceedings of the HABRI Central Management Advisory Board Meeting held on March 20th, 2012.20124Revision 0