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  1. A case study of incarcerated males participating in a canine training program

    Contributor(s): Currie, Nikki S.

  2. Human identities and animal others in the second century C.E

    Contributor(s): Curry, Susan A.

  3. Factors related to owner grief response following disappearance of a pet

    Contributor(s): Damino, Joyce Halvorsen

  4. A qualitative study of caring within the human-animal bond in adults living with chronic illness

    Contributor(s): Darling, Ardelle A.

  5. Animal-assisted therapy with children and the elderly: A critical review

    Contributor(s): Dashnaw Stiles, Lisa Ann

  6. The role of the family dog in the preadolescent's psychosocial development relative to selected dimensions of the self-concept, sex and age

    Contributor(s): Davis, Janet Haggerty

  7. Companion animal euthanasia : the lived paradox of the human-companion animal bond

    Contributor(s): Dawson, Susan Elizabeth

  8. The effects of experiences with pets upon the self-concept of handicapped children

    Contributor(s): Deatrick, Carol A.

  9. A qualitative study on a selected animal-assisted therapy program in occupational therapy

    Contributor(s): Deceglie, Nicole M.

  10. An evaluation of the benefits of a companion animal to chronic psychiatric inpatients (pet-facilitated therapy)

    Contributor(s): Del Monaco, Margaret Mary

  11. Impressions of the impact of dolphin assisted therapy by treatment team members

    Contributor(s): Delaney, Stephen J.

  12. Experiences of at risk teenagers participating in an equine assisted learning/therapy program

    Contributor(s): Delgadillo, Peggy

  13. Effects of dog and cat pheromones on mood and helping

    Contributor(s): DellaGioia, Nicole F.

  14. Association of pet ownership with eating, exercise, nutritional status, and heart health of seniors

    Contributor(s): Dembicki, Diane Florence

  15. Associations between human-animal relationship quality, dispositional empathy, and prosocial behavior

    Contributor(s): Desmond, Frederic Fairfield

  16. Pet-facilitated therapy: a study of the use of animals in a nursing home

    Contributor(s): DeVault, Vicki Lynne

  17. The effect of equine assisted psychotherapy on coping resiliency

    Contributor(s): Devine, Julia

  18. The therapist's description of the experience of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) as it pertains to youth with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A qualitative study

    Contributor(s): Devon, Jaye M.

  19. Viewpoints of mental health practitioners on the benefits of animal-assisted therapy

    Contributor(s): Deye, Emily E.

  20. Animal-assisted therapy: The effects of the presence of a trained therapy dog on group anxiety management training

    Contributor(s): Dhooper, Manjot Kaur