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  1. The effects of resident or visiting dog programs on elderly nursing home residents and administrators attitudes towards pet therapy programs

    Contributor(s): Crowley-Robinson, Patricia

  2. The relationship between human-canine personality match and pet satisfaction

    Contributor(s): Curb, Lisa A.

  3. Exposure to domestic violence and animal cruelty in children

    Contributor(s): Currie, Cheryl

    The incidence of animal cruelty among children exposed to family violence has been inadequately documented in the research literature. The purpose of the present study wasto examine whether children exposed to domestic violence were significantly more likely to be cruel to animals than children...

  4. Human identities and animal others in the second century C.E

    Contributor(s): Curry, Susan A.

  5. Factors related to owner grief response following disappearance of a pet

    Contributor(s): Damino, Joyce Halvorsen

  6. A qualitative study of caring within the human-animal bond in adults living with chronic illness

    Contributor(s): Darling, Ardelle A.

  7. Animal-assisted therapy with children and the elderly: A critical review

    Contributor(s): Dashnaw Stiles, Lisa Ann

  8. The role of the family dog in the preadolescent's psychosocial development relative to selected dimensions of the self-concept, sex and age

    Contributor(s): Davis, Janet Haggerty

  9. Companion animal euthanasia : the lived paradox of the human-companion animal bond

    Contributor(s): Dawson, Susan Elizabeth

  10. The effects of experiences with pets upon the self-concept of handicapped children

    Contributor(s): Deatrick, Carol A.

  11. A qualitative study on a selected animal-assisted therapy program in occupational therapy

    Contributor(s): Deceglie, Nicole M.

  12. An evaluation of the benefits of a companion animal to chronic psychiatric inpatients (pet-facilitated therapy)

    Contributor(s): Del Monaco, Margaret Mary

  13. Impressions of the impact of dolphin assisted therapy by treatment team members

    Contributor(s): Delaney, Stephen J.

  14. Experiences of at risk teenagers participating in an equine assisted learning/therapy program

    Contributor(s): Delgadillo, Peggy

  15. Effects of dog and cat pheromones on mood and helping

    Contributor(s): DellaGioia, Nicole F.

  16. Association of pet ownership with eating, exercise, nutritional status, and heart health of seniors

    Contributor(s): Dembicki, Diane Florence

  17. Associations between human-animal relationship quality, dispositional empathy, and prosocial behavior

    Contributor(s): Desmond, Frederic Fairfield

  18. Pet-facilitated therapy: a study of the use of animals in a nursing home

    Contributor(s): DeVault, Vicki Lynne

  19. The effect of equine assisted psychotherapy on coping resiliency

    Contributor(s): Devine, Julia

  20. The therapist's description of the experience of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) as it pertains to youth with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A qualitative study

    Contributor(s): Devon, Jaye M.