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  1. The grieving process and the loss of a beloved pet: A study of clinical relevance

    Contributor(s): Drake-Hurst, Elaine

  2. An animal-assisted therapy program for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders

    Contributor(s): Drawe, Heather L.

  3. The biobehavioral effects of stress related to fear and anxiety in domestic canines

    Contributor(s): Dreschel, Nancy A.

  4. Wagging Tails for Reading : a literacy program using therapy dogs to enhance reading for children

    Contributor(s): Dunham, Arin A.

  5. The effects of dog walking on well-being

    Contributor(s): Nikolina M. Duvall Antonacopoulos

    While studies have found that dog ownership is beneficial for people's health, few studies (Lacey, 2004; Serpell, 1991; Thorpe et ai, 2006b) have examined the effects of dog walking on people's well-being and these studies have not compared the health of dog owners who do and do not...

  6. Measuring stress, attachment behavior, and adoptability in domestic cats at a local humane society

    Contributor(s): Dybdall, Kathryn J.

  7. Pets as companions for non-institutionalized older adults

    Contributor(s): Dyer, Mary Theresa

  8. The effects of dog and owner personality on pet satisfaction

    Contributor(s): Eaves, Jessica Marie

  9. The relationship among empathy and personality in undergraduate students' attitudes toward animals

    Contributor(s): Eckardt, Ann C.

  10. "This Dog Means Life": Making Interspecies Relations at an Assistance Dog Agency

    Contributor(s): Edminster, Avigdor

  11. The physical and psychomotor benefits of therapeutic horseback riding and hippotherapy : a review of literature

    Contributor(s): Edwards, Colleen J.

  12. Head, heart and hoof: Facilitating environmental understanding through horse-human relationships

    Contributor(s): Egan, Katy

  13. Income Elasticity of Expenditures on Pets

    Contributor(s): Ehlert, Andrew Allen

    The popular media contains many articles that cite an increase in pet ownership costs. However, limited econometric research has been done to examine consumer spending on pets. The purpose of this study was to determine the income elasticity of spending on pets in the United States. Income...

  14. The efficacy of protest: Meaning and social movement outcomes

    Contributor(s): Einwohner, Rachel Lynn

  15. The influence of companion animals on perceived social support and perceived stress among family caregivers

    Contributor(s): Elgar, Sally Jane

  16. Towards the horsewoman: Performing femininity in the American horse training and riding arenas

    Contributor(s): Ellison, Season

  17. Kinematic gait analysis of children with neurological impairments pre and post hippotherapy intervention

    Contributor(s): Encheff, Jenna L.

  18. An animal-assisted intervention with college students with Asperger's syndrome

    Contributor(s): Engel, Suzanne Elizabeth

  19. Personality characteristics associated with pet ownership: Validating the theoretical propositions of Boris Levinson

    Contributor(s): Esparza, Jana Scoville

  20. Djurens skepnader: Narhet och distans i diskurs och livsvarld

    Contributor(s): Falkengren, Jutta