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  1. Adult pet attachments

    Contributor(s): Ferry, Louise A.

  2. The human-companion animal bond : the nature of the relationship between people and their pets

    Contributor(s): Fifield, S. J.

  3. A sociology of horse-racing in Britain: a study of the social significance and organisation of British horse-racing

    Contributor(s): Filby, Michael Paul

  4. Children, their pet dogs, and affect attunement

    Contributor(s): Finck, Kim S.

  5. Issues of grief and bereavement related to the loss of a pet: Implications for the psychologist

    Contributor(s): Fiske, Jan Elaine

  6. Human-animal relationships in Ancient Rome

    Contributor(s): Fitzgerald, B. K. B.

  7. Conflict and connection: A theoretical and evaluative study of an equine-assisted psychotherapy program for at-risk and delinquent girls

    Contributor(s): Foley, Allison Jan

  8. The psychological relevance of "just animals": An inquiry into their influence on psychosocial development across the lifespan

    Contributor(s): Ford, Ingrid

  9. The effects of hippotherapy on a child with developmental delay

    Contributor(s): Forsterling, Trista M.

  10. Understanding the Impact of Equine-Assisted Learning on Levels of Hope in At-Risk Adolescents

    Contributor(s): Frederick, Karen E.

  11. Feathering the text : (re)reading the animal in late medieval writing

    Contributor(s): Freeman, Carol

  12. Pet-facilitated therapy as adjunctive care for home hospice patients: A human service program design to promote quality of life

    Contributor(s): Fried, Karen Pisetzner

  13. Grade 2 children experience a classroom-based animal-assisted literacy mentoring program: An interpretive case study

    Contributor(s): Friesen, Lori

  14. The meanings of dogs and cats in U.S. American culture based on movies, cartoons, and consumer goods

    Contributor(s): Frigiola, Heather Nicole

  15. Effects of a classroom pet on anxiety for middle-school students with developmental disabilities

    Contributor(s): Fuchs, Chere Lynn

  16. The Role of Therapy Dog in Facilitating Social Interaction for Autistic Children: An Experimental Study on Animal-assisted Play Therapy

    Contributor(s): Fung, Suk Chun

  17. Prison-based animal programs: An investigation and theoretical implications. Incarcerated people and animals released from their cages

    Contributor(s): Furst, Gennifer

  18. The effects of animal assisted therapy on arm reaching movements of children diagnosed with a movement disorder

    Contributor(s): Gaeta, Cynthia A.

  19. Walking With Horses: Partners for Humans Recovering From Trauma

    Contributor(s): Garland, Deborah L.

  20. A phenomenological investigation of the child-animal bond

    Contributor(s): Garrett, Erik