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  1. A comparison of the human grief reaction: Focusing on pet loss and bereavement

    Contributor(s): Jarolmen, Josephine JoAnn

  2. Therapeutic interventions and animal assisted therapy with incarcerated females

    Contributor(s): Jasperson, Rachael Anne

    The prison population in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. Incarcerated women manifest distinctly greater psychological distress than do their male counterparts. In addition, these women demonstrate higher rates of mood disorder, substance use disorders, and personality...

  3. Ways of being in home and community: Language socialization of children with autism in multilingual South Asian immigrant families

    Contributor(s): Jegatheesan, Brinda

  4. Examining the human-animal bond through grief work in an adult pet-loss support group

    Contributor(s): Jeha, Jennifer C.

  5. Exploring the impact of an animal assisted therapy dog upon the emotional, educational, and social actualization of middle school students receiving counseling services

    Contributor(s): Jenkins, Christie D.

  6. The global pigeon: A comparative ethnography of human-animal relations in urban communities

    Contributor(s): Jerolmack, Colin

  7. Pets and the elderly: A study of loneliness

    Contributor(s): Jewiss, Tracey Joanne

  8. Human-animal bonding: An investigation of attributes

    Contributor(s): Johannson, Eunice E.

  9. "There's a lot more to it than making a living ..." : human-animal relationships in three Iowa sustainable farming systems

    Contributor(s): Johnson, Cassi

  10. Relationships with animals as a component of the healing process: A study of child abuse survivors

    Contributor(s): Johnson, Catherine Mary

  11. Dogs, cats, and their people: The place of the family pet and attitudes about pet keeping

    Contributor(s): Johnson, Jill

    The perception of pets as ‘family members’ is an important area of research in the study of human-animal relationships. The objective of this thesis is to assess the ways in which pets are integrated into the home, and to explore how pet owners regard their dogs and cats within their...

  12. En-gendering anthropocentrism: Lessons from children's realistic animal stories

    Contributor(s): Johnson, Kathleen R.

  13. The effects of Pet Encounter Therapy on mood states and social facilitation in nursing home residents

    Contributor(s): Johnson, Wendy Leigh

  14. Development and validation of a Dog Personality Questionnaire

    Contributor(s): Jones, Amanda Claire

  15. Human-animal bond/animal facilitated therapy : a review

    Contributor(s): Jones, Charlie E.

  16. Starting an Equine-Assisted Program: An investigative study into the creation of an Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy or learning business

    Contributor(s): Kachelmeier, Pamela A.

  17. Meaning and motivation in desert tortoise caretaking: Explorations of human-animal relationships, pet-keeping practices, and the human-reptile bond

    Contributor(s): Kampfer, Karen M.

  18. Development, implementation, and evaluation of a safety training program for therapeutic horseback riding volunteers

    Contributor(s): Kapitan, Nancy

  19. A psychotherapeutic riding program: An existential theater for healing

    Contributor(s): Karol, Jane M.

  20. "You Can See it in Their Eyes:" A Communication Ethnography of a Humane Society

    Contributor(s): Kaufman, Sara Victoria Alicia