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  1. The use of animal assisted therapy within the occupational therapy profession

    Contributor(s): Hughes, Mary Helen

  2. Parental perceptions of the effectiveness of equine therapy for children with special health care needs

    Contributor(s): Hughes, Mary Kathleen

  3. A phenomenological study exploring the human-animal bond in outpatient counseling

    Contributor(s): Hunterford, Corrie L.

  4. Improving quality of life for older adults through pet therapy: A grant proposal project

    Contributor(s): Hutchcroft, Kristen P.

  5. An experimental analysis of the effects of therapeutic horseback riding on the behavior of children with autism

    Contributor(s): Hyman, Sarah R.

  6. Evaluation of a vocational and therapeutic riding program for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents

    Contributor(s): Iannone, Virginia Nicoletta

  7. The effects of pet-facilitated therapy on the social and interactive behaviors of autistic children

    Contributor(s): Isaacs, Jill Michelle

  8. Theological and pastoral implications of the human-animal bond

    Contributor(s): Jackson, Bryan D.

  9. Effects of pet-facilitated-therapy on depression of elders in long-term care facilities

    Contributor(s): Jackson, Daun L.

  10. The human-canine bond : differential effects of pet presence on family communication

    Contributor(s): Jackson, Jennifer Sak

  11. The therapeutic effects upon dog owners who interact with their dogs in a mindful way

    Contributor(s): Jackson-Grossblat, Amy

  12. The use of pets and plants to facilitate change in the social behavior of institutionalized behaviorally disturbed and mentally retarded children

    Contributor(s): Jacobsen, Jamia Jasper

  13. The meaning of stressful life experiences as described by nine to eleven year old children: a phenomenological study

    Contributor(s): Jacobson, G. A.

  14. A comparison of the human grief reaction: Focusing on pet loss and bereavement

    Contributor(s): Jarolmen, Josephine JoAnn

  15. Therapeutic interventions and animal assisted therapy with incarcerated females

    Contributor(s): Jasperson, Rachael Anne

    The prison population in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. Incarcerated women manifest distinctly greater psychological distress than do their male counterparts. In addition, these women demonstrate higher rates of mood disorder, substance use disorders, and personality...

  16. Ways of being in home and community: Language socialization of children with autism in multilingual South Asian immigrant families

    Contributor(s): Jegatheesan, Brinda

  17. Examining the human-animal bond through grief work in an adult pet-loss support group

    Contributor(s): Jeha, Jennifer C.

  18. Exploring the impact of an animal assisted therapy dog upon the emotional, educational, and social actualization of middle school students receiving counseling services

    Contributor(s): Jenkins, Christie D.

  19. The global pigeon: A comparative ethnography of human-animal relations in urban communities

    Contributor(s): Jerolmack, Colin

  20. Pets and the elderly: A study of loneliness

    Contributor(s): Jewiss, Tracey Joanne