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  1. The effect of a therapeutic horsemanship program on emotionally disturbed boys

    Contributor(s): Alisa J. Greenwald, Alfred W. Ward (adviser)

    The relationships between humans and animals have been associated with various therapeutic implications. While there is no agreed upon name, the term “pet facilitated therapy” has become widely accepted. Pet facilitated therapy has been particularly adopted to describe the relationship between...

  2. Ojibwe and Canis Lupus : cultural, historical, and political influences on contemporary wolf management in the Great Lakes region

    Contributor(s): Caitlin Williamson

    My thesis examines the relationship between the Ojibwe and the gray wolf (Canis lupus) by examining the historical, cultural, and political contexts that have shaped how Ojibwe currently view the wolf. I compare this relationship with the contemporary management of the wolf by federal and state...

  3. Horsing Around? Hippotherapy as a Context for Speech Therapy

    Contributor(s): Kara Schricker, Jennifer Jipson (adviser)

    Language and communication are essential to our daily lives. With it we are able to express our wants and needs without frustration, without it we would not be able to effortlessly engage in the communication that is so essential to our daily lives. Children typically follow a pattern of...

  4. Undergraduate education and attitudes towards swine welfare

    Contributor(s): Maureen K. Petersen, Cornelia Flora (adviser)

    How does training in animal science impact college student attitudes toward swine welfare? I devised an on-line survey of first year and senior students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to determine if year in school, major, and farm background was related to concerns about swine...

  5. Animal-human interaction comparing live human observation and digital image evaluation methodologies

    Contributor(s): Shawna Leigh Weimer, Anna Johnson (adviser)

    The expectation from retailers and the public for food animal producers to continually evaluate and improve on-farm animal welfare practices will continue. The U.S. swine industry has the Pork Quality Plus education and assessment program and starting in 2011 began on-farm third party...

  6. Dairy Farming and Cattle Ranching; Consequences on Human and Environmental Health

    Contributor(s): William Preston (adviser), Sarah Kensky

    The recent controversy shaped by author Michael Pollan’s visit to Cal Poly’s campus has sparked my interest in the ongoing debates surrounding both dairy farms and cattle ranching.My time spent at Cal Poly in the Social Sciences major has made me aware of the issue of sustainability. In my senior...

  7. Effect of a Wildlife Conservation Camp Experience in China on Student Knowledge of Animals, Care, Propensity for Environmental Stewardship, and Compassionate Behavior Toward Animals

    Contributor(s): Sarah Marie Bexell, Dr. Olga S. Jarrett (adviser), Dr. Barbara Meyers (adviser), Dr. Olin E. Myers (adviser), Dr. Molly H. Weinburgh (adviser), Dr. Rebecca J. Snyder (adviser), Dr. Yali Zhao (adviser)

    The goal of conservation education is positive behavior change toward animals and the environment. This study was conducted to determine whether participation in a wildlife conservation education camp was effective in positively changing 8-12 year old students’: (a) knowledge of animals, (b) care...

  8. The value of relationships with other species

    Contributor(s): Christopher M. Rice

    Many humans seek out and find value in relationships of care for other species. In this dissertation, I defend these relationships as a basic objective element of human well-being. ^ To begin, I defend an objective list theory of human well-being according to which a plurality of basic objective...

  9. Protective-restoring to maintain self integrity : a grounded theory of the human experience of dog relinquishment

    Contributor(s): Mary Ellen Elizabeth Edwards, Dr. Eyal Gringart (adviser), Dr Deirdre Drake (adviser)

    Dog relinquishment or ‘getting rid of the dog’ is common practice in Australia and other countries where dogs are kept as pets. Each year thousands of dogs are relinquished for a variety of reasons. While losing a pet through death can be as devastating for some people as the death of a loved...

  10. Medical Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s): Patricia M Durant

    In today society animals are an important part of a families lives. Their pets are their family and sometimes their children. Knowing the world as it has become many pets are treated much better then some children. Having a pet, like having a child should be a privilege. Many people feel their...

  11. Growth and Age at Reproductive Maturity of the Carolina Pigmy Rattlesnake, Sistrurus m. miliarius (Reptilia: Serpentes)

    Contributor(s): Kevin Robert Messenger

    Growth and age at reproductive maturity are life history attributes that play an important role in the development of proper management strategies. The Carolina Pigmy Rattlesnake, Sistrurus m. miliarius, is one of two dwarf rattlesnake species. The subspecies ranges from eastern NC to nearly the...

  12. An Analysis of the Economic Factors and Changes in Land-Use Associated with the Transition to a Beef Feedlot System in Waterloo County

    Contributor(s): Gary B. Griffith

    Agricultural geography in Canada has been largely neglected as a field of geography until relatively recently. This is evidenced by several factors. First, until the mid 1960's, there were only two different agricultural geography courses offered in Canadian universities. Secondly, in that same...

  13. Variables Influencing Nest Success of Eastern Wild Turkeys in Connecticut: Nesting Habitat, Home Range-Scale Fragmentation, and Nest Attentiveness

    Contributor(s): Shelley M. Spohr, Daniel J. Harrison (adviser), Frederick A. Servello (adviser)

    Nest success is the most important demographic parameter influencing rates of population change of eastern wild turkeys and many variables operating at multiple spatial and temporal scales may influence whether a nest is successful. Most studies of nest success and survival of turkeys have...

  14. Shrimp Aquaculture and Aguadulce: A Broken Partnership

    Contributor(s): Sylvia M. Bolanos, Richard Weisskoff (adviser)

    A socio-economic impact study was conducted in Aguadulce, Panama to analyze the viability of the shrimp aquaculture industry. Two visits in 2004 and 2010 document the changes the industry underwent through the use of a survey and interviews of knowledgeable informants. Interviews were conducted...

  15. Dried Distillers Grain with Solubles in Laying Hen and Pullet Rations

    Contributor(s): Mahmoud Khaled Masa\'deh, Sheila E. Purdum (adviser)

    The objective of this dissertation was to test different inclusion rates of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) with or without enzyme supplementation. Study one was conducted to test DDGS at 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25% on egg production parameter (24 through76 wk). As DDGS increased, egg...

  16. A description of the movement of the canine pelvic limb in three dimensions using an inverse dynamics method, and a comparison of two techniques to surgically repair a cranial cruciate ligament deficient stifle

    Theses | Contributor(s): Jason Headrick, Darryl Millis

    The purposes of the dissertation were: 1) to describe three-dimensional (3D) motion of the canine pelvic limb using an inverse dynamics method, and 2) to compare these motion patterns between normal, healthy dogs and those that have had their stifles stabilized by one of two surgical methods...

  17. The ecology and behaviour of Varanus mertensi (Reptilia: Varanidae)

    Theses | Contributor(s): Phillip James Mayes

    This study examines numerous aspects of the ecology and behaviour of Merten’s Water Monitor, Varanus mertensi (Reptilia: Varanidae) including; daily behaviour, diet, foraging behaviour, reproductive seasonality and daily and long-term movements. Findings from over two years of field study of V....

  18. Neuromechanical control of locomotion in intact and incomplete spinal cord injured rats

    Theses | Contributor(s): Anil Kumar Thota

    Rodent models are being extensively used to investigate the effects of traumatic injury and to develop and assess the mechanisms of repair and regeneration. We present quantitative assessment of 2D kinematics of overground walking and for the first time 3D joint angle kinematics of all four limbs...

  19. Genetic and dietary effects on chicken heterophil function and immune response to Salmonella enteritidis

    Theses | Contributor(s): Sarah Beth Redmond, Susan J. Lamont (adviser)

    The function of the chicken innate immune system against pathogens is affected by genetic background and immune modulating diet. Heterophils from broiler, Leghorn, and Fayoumi birds showed differential expression of immune genes when stimulated with Salmonella enteritidis (SE) bacteria, a...

  20. The effects of low protein during gestation on mouse pancreas development and beta cell regeneration

    Theses | Contributor(s): Aaron Richard Cox, David Hill (adviser)

    Effects of a low protein (LP) diet during gestation on the metabolism of rat offspring have been well characterized and leads to glucose intolerance in adulthood. It is unknown how LP impacts endocrine pancreas development in the mouse, or whether this affects future β-cell plasticity....