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  1. One lucky dog: John Pelimeno at TEDxFiDiWomen

    Videos | Contributor(s): John Pelimeno

    John is the Founder of Finding Rover. John was born in Marsala Sicily and immigrated to America with his parents when he was 18 months old. John is a graduate of Chico state University with a Bachlors degree in Construction Management. John owned and operated his own construction and...

  2. The Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project: Bruce Elfstrom at TEDxConnecticutCollege

    Videos | Contributor(s): Bruce Elfstrom

    Bruce Elfström talks about his work bringing back the Mongolia Bankhar Dog to protect the livelihood of Mongolian farmers and breeders.Bruce Elfström is a biologist by training, and an explorer and outdoorsman by profession. Born to an American documentary filmmaker father, and Swedish...

  3. If Kaware viewpoint is, the world is changed: Haruhiko Yokoyama at TEDxKagoshimaUniversity

    Videos | Contributor(s): Haruhiko Yokoyama

    As a psychologist who studies all living things with a focus on cats, how is the world reflected in his world? Haruhiko Yokoyama, received his doctoral degree of educational psychology at Kyusyu University, worked as an assistant in the Department of Education at Kyusyu University, is now...

  4. Save ourselves by saving tigers: Steve Winter at TEDxGateway 2013

    Videos | Contributor(s): Steve Winter

    Growing up in Indiana, Steve Winter dreamed of traveling the world as a photographer for National Geographic. His first camera was a gift from his father on his seventh birthday. The winner of numerous photography awards, including BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, BBC Wildlife...

  5. Dogs: The importance of the canine: Zach Felsman at TEDxArlee

    Videos | Contributor(s): Zach Felsman

    Zach shares a lighthearted look at the role of dogs as important pets in many people's lives.Zach attended Arlee Public Schools since the first day of Kindergarten. He had the honor of being the Valedictorian for the Class of 2015 and gained numerous school, local, state, and even national...

  6. K-9 Care Crew: Kids + Dogs + Seniors = Love: Kim Wood at TEDxMuskegon

    Videos | Contributor(s): Kim Wood

    The K-9 Care Crew is a group of high school student volunteers from Western Michigan Christian High School. Our students train and work with dogs that are temperament tested and chosen as especially suited for pet therapy. The dogs we work with come in all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages. Many of...

  7. Computational public safety- dogs, robots and disasters: Dr. Alexander Ferworn at TEDxRyersonU

    Videos | Contributor(s): Alexander Ferworn

    Dr. Alexander Ferworn, professor at the Department of Computer Science, has made a career at Ryerson by looking at challenges from perspectives very different from those of his colleagues. He started with the idea to put cameras on rescue dogs who search rubble, which led to attaching robots to...

  8. Stare psy sa piekne: Sylwia Kurzela at TEDxPiotrkowskiaStreet

    Videos | Contributor(s): Sylwia Kurzela

    Old dogs are beautiful! This is a beautiful and touching talk given by Sylwia Kurzela, a radio presenter and a dog lover.Sylwia, “łodzianka nie z urodzenia, lecz z wyboru”, jest prezenterką związaną z Radiem Eska Łódź. Ponadto, na Uniwersytecie Łódzkim kształci się...

  9. The nature of hope: Thane Maynard at TEDxCincinnati

    Videos | Contributor(s): Thane Maynard

    Thane Maynard director of zoo talks about calendars the effort to save endangered animals from bunk of extinction and explores how that's possible cbc or and why it's so important here in the 20th century. Thane has written more than a dozen books, the most recent, “Hope For...

  10. Sea no evil: Sabrina Imbler at TEDxBrownU

    Videos | Contributor(s): Sabrina Imbler

    Sabrina has a passion for fish and believes in taking care of them properly. She shares valuable information about fish, their lifestyle, her own experiences, and the magic of the sea in her talk on the underwater creatures. Sabrina is a sophomore at Brown University concentrating in English...

  11. New rules for the human-animal bond: Meg Daley Olmert at TEDxChesterRiver

    Videos | Contributor(s): Meg Daley Olmert

    "Sit. Stay. Heal." Meg Olmert looks into how humans have benefitted psychologically and physiologically from living with animals for the last 10,000 years, and what that means for our mental health in the 21st century.

  12. Therapeutic Benefits of Animals: Zahra Poonawala at TEDxIMTDubai


    Zahra's uses "Fluffy" a trained rabbit to prove one very important point - how animals can help with so many problems that humans face. From nervousness, to autism - animals have a lot more to offer than we think. Zahra is a Clinical Psychologist and Animal Assisted Therapist....

  13. Anchor and Allies: Creating Opportunity: John-Tyler Binfet at TEDxUBCOkanagan


    This TEDx talk will tell the story of how he developed a program that brings over 40 therapy dogs to campus.Dr. Binfet is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. His research examines ways to support students’ social and emotional...

  14. How the Ban on Lion Hunting Killed the Lions: Mikkel Legarth at TEDxCopenhagen


    When it comes to animals, people's behavior is usually driven by their emotions instead of facts and knowledge -- it's a behavior that can result in the exact opposite of what was intended. There is no picture perfect or black and white -- conservation is usually a choice between two...

  15. Catpeople- How to Make Friends with a City?: Olga Galecka at TEDxYouth@Hrodna


    In her talk Olga is going to tell us about her own example of relations with a city and..what cats have to do with this, yeah, those cats with fur and tales. Olga is a volunteer from Poland, working in Hrodna. She is an admirer of a city and city life in all its displays. Volga is...

  16. Innovative Ways to Feed Zoo Animals: Michelle Shaw at TEDxTaipei


    Michelle Shaw received Masters in Comparative Animal Nutrition following her Bachelors from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. She led the animal nutrition for the Toronto Zoo for 10 years, maintained the feeding program and improved the health of wildlife. During that time, she and...

  17. Right Under Our Noses- Dogs are Saving the World: Megan Parker at TEDxBozeman


    Dogs have amazing olfactory abilities which we are just learning to understand. Conservation detection dogs find rare samples which are nearly impossible to collect otherwise. Working Dogs for Conservation trains dogs to find weeds in Montana, moon bears in China, cheetahs in Zambia or the Cross...

  18. Punch Above Your Weight- Mali Elephant Conservation: Dr. Susan Canney at TEDxVailWomen


    Susan Canney tells the story of the Mali Elephant Project to demonstrate how shifting your perspective opens up new possibilities for transforming an impossible situation. By being willing to Not Know and let go of assumptions, at the same time as doing everything to understand and respect all...

  19. The Internet and Pets: Jennifer Golbeck at TEDxGeorgetown


    Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, Professor of Information Studies, U.M.D. | Jennifer Golbeck is an Assistant Professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park and co-director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. She studies social networks, recommender systems,...

  20. To Hear Horses Whisper: Rosalyn Berne at TEDxUVA


    UVA engineering professor Rosalyn Berne has spent a good deal of time talking to horses - and says that she can hear them talk back to her. In reflecting on her experiences, Berne's talk posits an innate biological connection that unites all living things, allowing us to communicate with...