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  1. The Effect of Pets and Nature on Environmental Identity and Connection to Animals

    Contributor(s): Victoria Whitaker, Kellye Kohn, Alice Fontana, Linda Kunce

    This study examined environmental identity and connection to animals in college students. Previous research has suggested that exposure to animals and nature can increase caring for both animals and nature itself. Participants were randomly assigned to one of four video conditions and analyzed...

  2. A Participant Observation Study of the Campus Canines Program at the University of Pittsburgh

    Contributor(s): Nicole Camaioni

    The Campus Canines Program (CCP) provides the University of Pittsburgh’s community with the opportunity to interact with registered Canine Good Citizen dogs. My objective was to observe and describe the interaction between the dogs and the human participants/volunteers in the CCP at the...

  3. A community-based social networking intervention to increase walking in dog owners

    Contributor(s): Deirdra Murphy, Cynthia Ferrara, Jessica Oleski, Emily Panza, Laura Bowen, Brianne Bozella, Kimberly Gada, Clara Savage, Stephanie C. Lemon, Kristin L. Schneider

    Roughly 40% of U.S. households own a dog and while dog ownership is associated with greater engagement in physical activity, up to 60% of dog owners do not achieve the recommended 150 minutes of weekly physical activity. The present study aims to develop and test a dog walking intervention...

  4. test

    Contributor(s): Nikki H, nikkiii

    See what happens when I remove myself from the authors listLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean eget nibh ut dui dapibus gravida vitae ac ante. Suspendisse tempus condimentum ipsum, et placerat erat ultrices nec. Nam ut velit quis nibh faucibus vehicula in a ante....

  5. Pet-friendly hotel add-on fees as elements of revenue management

    Contributor(s): Sylvere Hilaire Coussement, Martha Coussement

    This study is for the purose of measuring the impact of add-on fees for pet-friendly accommodations in the revenue management context. This data will be developed using STR Trend report of coded pet-friendly and non-pet-friendl properties and analyzed as a function of occupancy, revenue per...

  6. Comparative Analysis of Ancient Ritual Sacrifice

    Contributor(s): Alexandra Price