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  1. "Eating Animals, Making Conversion": Consumption Ceremonial as Ametaphoric Place of Social and Religious Transformation

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Lowgrand, Frederik

  2. "For the Birds": Cattle Egrets, Suburban Lawns, and the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Capek, Stella

  3. "Free the Animals!": Animal Rights Activists as Moral Entrepreneurs

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Lowe, Brian

  4. "I can haz emoshuns?": understanding anthropomorphosis of cats among internet users

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Derek Foster, Conor Linehan, Shaun Lawson, Daniel Mills, Sarah Ellis, Helen Zulch

    The attribution of human-like traits to non-human animals, termed anthropomorphism, can lead to misunderstandings of animal behaviour, which can result in risks to both human and animal wellbeing and welfare. In this paper, we, during an inter-disciplinary collaboration between social computing...

  5. "My Dog Did the Cutest Thing": Identity Construction and Maintenance among Dog Owners

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Ramirez, Michael

  6. "Scientists'" Response to the New Age and Animal Rights Movements

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Bevins, George

  7. A "Cat" Over a Cup of Tea? Urbanized Leisure with Animals In Japan

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Niijima, Noriko

  8. A Capabilities Approach to Animal Ethics and Sustainability Education

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Matthews, Julie, Garlick, Steve

  9. A dermatologist's viewpoint on the significance of the human-animal bond in practice

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Liska, D. A.

  10. A field study with primary school children on perception of social presence and interactive behavior with a pet robot

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Marcel Heerink, Marta Díaz, Jordi Albo-Canals, Cecilio Angulo, Alex Barco, Judit Casacuberta, Carles Garriga

    This paper presents a study on measuring (1) how children experience a pet robot, (2) how they play with it and (3) how children’s perceptions on and interaction with pet robots are interrelated. The study features different types of subjective and objective techniques to assess the degree...

  11. A natural cure for the pet fish problem: feature emergence as classificatory composition

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Chris Thornton

    Where do emergent features come from? This has long been an intriguing puzzle. The concept of pet fish illustrates the difficulty. Most people expect pet fish to live in bowls, even though this is not something either pets or fish normally do. The inference that pet fish have the feature of...

  12. Accounting for Abuse: Neutralizing and Rationalizing Animal Cruelty

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Goodney, Suzanne

  13. An evaluation of breakaway snares for use in coyote control

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Robert L. Phillips, F. Sherman Blom, Richard E. Johnson

    Seven types of breakaway snares were evaluated for breaking strength and variability using a universal testing machine. Maximum tension before breakage for individual snares ranged from 142 to 486 pounds. Sheet metal locks which ripped out, and S-hooks which straightened, provided the least...

  14. An Examination of the Working Class Poor: The Lives' of the Employees of a Dog Track

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Ferguson, April

  15. An Interdisciplinary Approach of Animal Assisted Therapy for the Special Needs Children

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Victor Chitic

    The study investigates the dynamic of verbal and non-verbal communication in the context of Animal Assisted Therapy for children with special needs, using ethological and sociometrical methods (i.e. focal individual sampling, ethogram and sequential behavior analysis). The study followed the...

  16. An underwater wearable computer for two way human-dolphin communication experimentation

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Daniel Kohlsdorf, Scott Gilliland, Peter Presti, Thad Starner, Denise Herzing

    Research in dolphin cognition and communication in the wild is still a challenging task for marine biologists. Most problems arise from the uncontrolled nature of field studies and the challenges of building suitable underwater research equipment. We present a novel underwater wearable computer...

  17. Animal Foster Care: Empowerment for Women in a Patriarchal Society?

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Roemer, Denise

  18. Animal Rights and Anti-Nuclear Protest: Condensing Symbols and the Critique of Instrumental Reason

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Jasper, James, Poulsen, Jane

  19. Animal Rights versus Environmentalism: A Metaethical Analysis

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Kruse, Corwin

  20. Animal Rights, Animal Welfare and New Age Spirituality

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Smith, R.