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  1. Animal Assisted Therapy and Education Certificate Program

    Magazine Articles

  2. Animal Collective

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Matt Wettengel, Tam Vo, Kait McKinney, Yue Wu

    Pets are a staple of the American family, but their place in the lives of college students is a little hazy. Whether someone is walking a puppy down the street or someone is flaunting pictures of an adorable new chinchilla, pets are the ultimate source of entertainment. Aside from their...

  3. Animal Profile: Animals Depend on People Too

    Magazine Articles

  4. Animals, the economy and your health

    Magazine Articles

    We’re all tied up in this together. That’s the message Dr. James Serpell wants us to understand. Dr. Serpell is the Marie A. Moore Professor of Humane Ethics and Animal Welfare and director of Penn Vet’s Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society. Dr. Serpell’s...

  5. Birds as Pets

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Margaret Barry

  6. Canary in a Coal Mine: The Connection Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Susan I. Finkelstein

  7. Canines in the Courtroom

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Debra S. Hart-Cohen

    This article discusses the growing interest in using therapy dogs in courtrooms.

  8. Cat Behavior: Facts and Myths

    Magazine Articles

  9. Contagious Pets

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Kelly Stratton

    Being aware of zoonotic diseases - those that can be passed from animal to owner - is the first step in staying healthy.

  10. Dalluge leaves retirement to help solve growing pet overpopulation crisis

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Amelia Benner

    In January, Dalluge became the first executive director of the Cincinnati-based United Coalition for Animals (UCAN), which encourages spay/neutering for dogs and cats in order to decrease pet overpopulation that results in 33,000 animals being euthanized, on average, in the Cincinnati area each...

  11. Does Animal-Assisted Therapy Really Work? (What clinical trials reveal about the effectiveness of four-legged therapists), by Hal Herzog, Psychology Today, Nov 17 2014

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Michael Fallon

    Dr. Hal Herzog, as part of his column, "Animals and Us" in Psychology Today, surveys the current literature on animal-assisted therapy and identifies a number of weaknesses in the existing literature, including a lack of a non-treatment control group, insufficient numbers of subjects,...

  12. Dogfighting, Animal Abuse and Desensitization to Violence

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Maria-Andromachi Iliopoulou, Maria A. Iliopoulou

    This article describes the consequences of Dogfighting and Animal abuse for young people, communities, the dogs and our society in general.

  13. EIPH in Race Horses

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Helma Weeks

  14. Ensuring Healthy Guide Dogs for The Seeing Eye

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Nancy West

  15. Fish Therapy

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This brief article discusses some of the findings of the impact of integrating fish into the therapeutic medium for different populations of people. It mentions research findings of the impacts of aquariums for alzheimer patients, dolphin assisted therapy for people with a variety of...

  16. Fleeing from fleas on your cat, dog, or you

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Robert G. Holmberg

    Fleas are small, laterally flattened, wingless insects that suck blood from warm-blooded animals.  There are about 2,500 species.  Most are parasites of mammals; about 100 species feed on birds.  In North America, 19 species bite humans.

  17. For CDC Veterinarians, "All Creatures Great and Small" Includes People

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Joan Capuzzi Giresi

  18. Going to the Dogs: Can a canine help your child learn to read?

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Gail F. Melson

    There is evidence that the presence of a friendly dog, not necessarily your own pet, or even a dog you’ve met before, can lower blood pressure and reduce stress when reading. This relaxation effect has been found for adult and child readers. Moreover, studies has shown that children with...

  19. Hond & liefde: De unieke band tussen baasje en beest

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Roos Vonk

    Mens en hond zijn al zo lang samen dat ze elkaar veel beter aanvoelen dan anderesoorten. Hoogleraar psychologie Roos Vonk, die zelf de bank deelt met tweeviervoeters, over onze unieke ‘co-evolutie’.

  20. Hope's Story; A Veterinarian from Michigan sets an Example

    Magazine Articles | Contributor(s): Maria-Andromachi Iliopoulou

    The role of the veterinarian in animal abuse cases.