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  1. American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians Newsletter, Volume 39 (2017)

    Contents:I Had to Euthanize a Dog, p 2Student's Corner, p 4Vet Tech Point of View, p 6

  2. Working with Animals

     Fact sheet on working with animals produced by the Women’s Occupational Health Resource Center (WOHRC). The WOHRC (1979-1987) was a research and training program devoted to identifying and better understanding hazards faced by women workers. WOHRC was housed in Columbia’s...

  3. Washington 4-H dog obedience project (phase 1)

    Contributor(s): James E. Havens, Lynn Lucas Jones

    A well-trained, obedient dog is a source of pride and satisfaction. A good dog is more likely to find acceptance by neighbors in the community. A disobedient, uncontrolled dog can be a worry and a concern. He can be a liability to his owner as we 11 as a nuisance to the neighbors.Training in...

  4. Training your dog for family living

    This project is designed to teach you to train your dog for family living. A dog that has many bad habits, such as getting on furniture, jumping on people, growling, biting, and roaming throughout the neighborhood, is not fun for a family and may cause embarrassment to you and your friends. A...

  5. The care of dogs and puppies

    The companionship between man and dog has been strong for many years with proof given in the Bible, Matthew 15:27 " ... but even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from the master's table." Egyptians undoubtedly loved their dogs as pictures of hunting scenes with dogs...

  6. Grieving the loss of a pet

    Contributor(s): Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF)

    Bereavement information leaflet on coping with the death of a pet. Leaflet 15 of 15

  7. American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians Newsletter, Volume 39 (Winter 2017)

    Contents:President's Message, p 1Can Animal Interaction Help, p 2Julie Squires, p 3NAVC 2017 Schedule & Speaker Bios, p 4

  8. Resources for Pet, Poultry and Livestock Owners Affected by Natural Disasters

    Contributor(s): Floron C. Faries, Jason J. Cleere

    This publication lists agencies and other organizations that can help locate missing pets and livestock, assist with carcass disposal, provide animal feed, and help in other ways after a disaster. There are phone numbers and Web addresses for each organization.

  9. Texas 4-H Swine Project Guide

    Contributor(s): Jodi Sterle

    This guide for 4-H members explains how to select a good animal, build proper facilities, manage an animal's feeding and nutritional requirements, and take care of health concerns. There is also information on training and showing a pig.

  10. American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians Newsletter, Volume 39 (Summer 2016)

    Contents:Presidents Message, p 1AAH-ABV at the AVMA Conference, p 2Student Corner, p 4-5Companion Animals and the Health of Older Persons, p 6-7 

  11. American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians Newsletter, Volume 38 (Spring/Summer 2016)

    Contents:President's Message, p 1Bow Wow Therapy Dogs Visit the Texas School for the Deaf to Help Raise Funds and Visibility for a Grand Cause, p 2Involving Children in the End-of-Life Process of a Pet Teaches Them about Compassionately Caring for Others, p 3Editorial Note, p 4How Classroom...

  12. Managing Utah Prairie Dogs on Private Lands

    Contributor(s): S. Nicole Frey

    The Utah prairie dog is found only in Southern Utah. While beneficial to ecosystem health, the Utah prairie dog has historically been in conflict with agriculture and other human activities. This fact sheet describes recent changes to laws regarding Utah prairie dogs and new conservation...

  13. Managing Rock Squirrels in Utah

    Contributor(s): Nicki Frey

    Although they do not exist in large colonies like other ground squirrels, rock squirrels can still sometimes generate conflicts with homeowners and farmers alike. Most damage occurs when a few rock squirrels take residence in a homeowner’s back yard, and begin to forage on garden...

  14. Bats and Rabies in Utah

    Contributor(s): Nicki Frey

    This fact sheet describes the 10 species of bats found in Utah, what to do if you are bitten and how to avoid contracting diseases from them.

  15. Rabies in North America

    Contributor(s): Nicki Frey

    This fact sheet describes rabies in North America; symptoms in humans and animals, and what to do if you encounter a suspicious animal.

  16. HABIT Winter 2014

  17. Dreamcatcher Brochure

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is the brochure explaining the psychological services at Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy Ltd. which utilizes animal and nature assisted therapy as well as equine facilitated counselling to help people of all ages with a wide array of challenging life issues.

  18. American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians Newsletter, Volume 37 (Winter 2015-16)

    Contents:President's Message, p 1North American Veterinary Conference, p 2Student Corner, p 4The Human-Animal Bond and Fear Free, p 5HAB in the News, p 6Book Review, p 7 

  19. Animal Health MATTERS [11.03]

    Contributor(s): David H. Zeman

    Head/Director’s Message, ADRDL Receives Full Accreditation from AAVLD Diagnostic News, An Unusual Presentation of Blackleg in a South Dakota Beef Herd, p 1Holiday Hours, p 2Selected Abstracts, SDSU ADRDL Presentations, 2008 Meeting, Abomasitis in Beef Calves, Test...

  20. Animal Health MATTERS [11.01]

    Contributor(s): David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message, University, College and Department Missions Diagnostic News, Hardware Disease Associated with Tires Used as Hay Feeding Stations: A New Source of Hardware for an Old DiseaseHoliday Hours, Calf Scours Submissions at SDSU ADRDL, p 2Calf Scours / Enteritis...