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  1. Pets Are Good For Us—But Not In The Ways We Think They Are

    Contributor(s): Simon Worrall

    An animal expert debunks myths about our furry companions.    

  2. Here's Why Your Dog Might Not Be As Cute As You Think

    Contributor(s): Harold Herzog

    I always thought our yellow lab Tsali was the cutest dog in our neighborhood. But a study by Pauleen Bennett's Australian Anthrozoology Research Group at La Trobe University has given me second thoughts. The lead author of the study was Pinar Thorn. The researchers investigated attachment to...

  3. Road Kill and the New Science of Human-Animal Relationships

    Contributor(s): Harold Herzog

    The new science of human-animal interactions, anthrozoology, rests on a premise by the French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss. "Animals," he wrote, "are good to think with." His point was that we can learn a lot about human nature by studying how we think about and act...

  4. Say "Neigh" to Abuse: On the Treatment of Horses and Mules in the Civil War

    Contributor(s): Anika N. Jensen

    The stuffed head of Old Baldy, General George Meade’s favorite horse, can be found mounted on the wall of the Grand Army of the Republic Museum in Philadelphia. General Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveler, received gifts and international adoration even after the war’s end, and...

  5. Feature Story: Therapy dogs bring relief for stressed-out students

    Contributor(s): Costa Maragos

    Dogs can bring great comfort to people dealing with stress. Now research shows there are many therapeutic benefits to bringing therapy dogs to university campuses to help stressed-out students, particularly during final exam time. “We found that dogs offer students love and support. This...

  6. Max and Rain

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is the true story of a boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and how he was helped to understand his diagnosis and change his negative behavior through working with a rescued therapy horse at a therapeutic animal assisted program in Alberta canada.

  7. Marcy and Echo

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is a true story of how a girl with fetal alcohol syndrome was helped through equine facilitated counselling at a therapeutic animal assisted program in Alberta Canada.

  8. Jerry and Thorpuppy

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is a true story about a boy with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and how canine assisted therapy and equine facilitated couselling helped him in a program in Alberta Canada

  9. Jenn and Echo

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is a true story of a youth at risk who worked with a rescued race horse at an equine facilitated counselling program in Alberta Canada to heal and  find inner peace.

  10. For the Love of a Turkey

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is a true story of how a child with Anorexia was helped to overcome her illness and learn healthy coping skills through the animal assisted intervention of a Wild Thom Turkey in a animal assisted therepeutic program in Alberta Canada.

  11. Chicken Help

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is a true story of a boy with Autism and how working with chickens in a therapeutic animal assisted therapy program helped him.

  12. Bob and Axle

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is a story about a dog and a turkey working at an animal assisted therapy program and how they effectively help people understand the dynamics of bullying while working in their roles as therapy animals.

  13. Ashley and Thorpuppy

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This is a true story of a girl with Asperger's and the impact of animal assisted therapy, specifically, canine assisted therapy.

  14. Animal Assisted Therapy

    Contributor(s): Eileen Bona

    This article provides information on animal assisted therapy and presents some research pertaining to its impact on people with multiple mental health issues and disabilities.

  15. Concatenamento

    Contributor(s): Alessandra Bacci

     Abstract"A cat is a cat, and that's all" (English popular saying). Literature, poetry always open eyes where, usually, we would look not, for example the world of the other animals, sometimes close together “as if ...”;  but we know - at least - that what...

  16. Ethics Code - Israeli Association of Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy

    Contributor(s): Nancy Parish-Plass

    This code covers the ethical behavior expected of an animal-assisted therapist concerning the client, the animal, and what happens between them. Areas of this code discusses issues such as training, professional responsibility, needs of the animals within the therapy setting, multicultural...

  17. Confidentiality Rules for Posting

    Contributor(s): Rise VanFleet

  18. Goodbye, old friend: Prevention of the unnecessary surrendering of companion animals among the elderly

    Contributor(s): Karen Davis

    AbstractBackground: Every day families are surrendering pets to animal shelters as their elderly owners transition to new living arrangements or begin to have difficulty keeping up with the animal’s care. Yet, for many seniors, their pets are their closest family members, the givers...

  19. Encounter with the Others

    Contributor(s): Alessandra Bacci

    AbstractThe project Poke Ma Regole aims at raising and practicing civil coexistence and conviviality in the city we live in, starting from the relationship between the other animals and us. The project takes place in primary and secondary schools of Florence, Italy. This article addresses the...