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  1. Preliminary evidence is promising, but challenges remain in providing service dogs to veterans: Commentary on preliminary efficacy of service dogs as a complementary treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder in military members and veterans (O'Hair

  2. Is dog ownership associated with mortality? A nationwide registry study


  4. Training Dogs to Feel Good: Embodying Well-being in Multispecies Relations

  5. Engagement in elderly persons with dementia attending animal-assisted group activity

  6. Survey of human-horse relationships and veterinary care for geriatric horses

  7. The bad news blues

    2018Can Vet J594433-4340008-5286 (Print)0008-5286engDr. Milani is a behavior and bond practitioner, teacher, and author of several books on the interaction of animal behavior, health, and the human-animal relationship.text

  8. Similarity between an unfamiliar human and the owner affects dogs' preference for human partner when responding to an unsolvable problem

  9. Pet-keeping in early life reduces the risk of allergy in a dose-dependent fashion

  10. Understanding feline emotions: ... and their role in problem behaviours

  11. Goals of Care: Development and Use of the Serious Veterinary Illness Conversation Guide

  12. Don't Be Distracted by the Peacock Trying to Board an Airplane: Why Emotional Support Animals Are Service Animals and Should Be Regulated in the Same Manner

    2018Albany Law Rev821237-660002-4678 (Print)0002-4678engNova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law.text

  13. Legitimizing leisure experiences as emotional work: A post‐humanist approach to gendered equine encounters

  14. Behavioral synchronization and affiliation: Dogs exhibit human-like skills

  15. Veterans transitioning from isolation to integration: a look at veteran/service dog partnerships

  16. Traumatic pet loss and the integration of attachment-based animal assisted therapy

  17. Implementing Successful Jail-Based Programming for Women: A Case Study of Planning Parenting, Prison & Pups -- Waiting to 'Let the Dogs In'

  18. Impact of Service Dogs on Family Members' Psychosocial Functioning

  19. To save the bees or not to save the bees: honey bee health in the Anthropocene

  20. Distributed cognition criteria: Defined, operationalized, and applied to human-dog systems