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  1. Are Companion Animals the Secret to Good Health?

    Posters | Contributor(s): Bradley Smith, Petra Bywood

    People keep pets for companionship, recreation and protection rather than for the specific purpose of enhancing health. However, a considerable body of literature supports the idea that companion animals can improve overall quality of life, including physical, social and psychological health,...

  2. Older Adults May Benefit from Bonds Formed With Dogs

    Journal Articles

  3. Depression in older cat and dog owners: the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT)-3

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Enmarker, Ingela, Hellzén, Ove, Ekker, Knut, Berg, Anne-Grethe T.

  4. ‘I'd rather wear out than rust out’: autobiologies of ageing equestriennes

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Davis, Dona L., Maurstad, Anita, Dean, Sarah

  5. Understanding empathy and psychopathy through cognitive and social neuroscience

    Book Sections | Contributor(s): Lozier, Leah M., Brethel-Haurwitz, Kristin M., Marsh, Abigail A., Freund, Lisa S., McCune, Sandra, Esposito, Layla, Gee, Nancy R., McCardle, Peggy

  6. Street-involved youth and their animal companions—Stigma and survival

    Book Sections | Contributor(s): Lem, Michelle, Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  7. Effects of positive and negative human contacts and intranasal oxytocin on cerebrospinal fluid oxytocin

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Rault, Jean-Loup

  8. Social factors influencing cortisol modulation in dogs during a strange situation procedure

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Schöberl, Iris, Beetz, Andrea, Solomon, Judith, Wedl, Manuela, Gee, Nancy, Kotrschal, Kurt

  9. Warmth and competence in animals

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Sevillano, Verónica, Fiske, Susan T.

  10. Contribution of the patient-horse relationship to substance use disorder treatment: Patients’ experiences

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Kern-Godal, Ann, Brenna, Ida H., Kogstad, Norunn, Arnevik, Espen A., Ravndal, Edle

  11. ‘Bringing respite in the burden of illness’—Dog handlers’ experience of visiting older persons with dementia together with a therapy dog

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Swall, Anna, Ebbeskog, Britt, Hagelin, Carina Lundh, Fagerberg, Ingegerd

  12. When studying the human-animal relationship became legitimate

    Audio | Contributor(s): Stanley Coren

    Stanley Coren describes the moment when his passion was taken seriously.

  13. Horse Husbandry in Colonial Virginia: An Analysis of Probate Inventories in Relation to Environmental and Social Changes

    Theses | Contributor(s): Kimberly Peck

    Despite the vast amount of zooarchaeological research that has been done on livestock in Colonial Virginia, little is known about the role of the horse in society and the environment before the American Revolution. The image provided by the current literature on the subject is fairly general and...

  14. An investigation of the sentiments of having a dog : inspirations for the design of a toy dog

    Theses | Contributor(s): Chui Wa Yeung

    This research is aimed to develop a toy dog that provides the pleasure feelings as having a dog, the inspirations to the manufacturers for the design of toy dogs as per the findings of factors of sentiments of having dogs has been included in the investigation. The investigation was carried out...

  15. Sociocultural aspects of attitudes toward marine animals: a focus group analysis

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Unna Lassiter, Jennifer R. Wolch

    In geographic research of the past decade, the understanding  of nature-society relations has broadened to include  ideas about our relationship with and attitudes toward  animals. In this study, we explore the relationship between  attitudes toward marine animals and...

  16. From zoogeography to animal geography: the spatial commodification of animals

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Chris Mayda

    Zoogeography developed as a Newtonian/Cartesian science in the early nineteenth  century as descriptive classification. After Darwin it evolved into biogeography, an  explanatory, then predictive science, often aligned with and even indistinguishable from  ecology. As a science,...

  17. The wrong kind of sacrifice

    Newspaper Articles | Contributor(s): Namia Akhtar

    Eid is an occasion to reconnect with our higher selves, the transcendent self that exists within us to connect with the celestial and to instill at least a fragment of that celestial order in our lives. Nonetheless, in contemporary Muslim society in urban Bangladesh, Eid-ul-Azha has evolved into...

  18. The Wolf in the living room: A healing story: Julia Huffman at TEDxFargo

    Videos | Contributor(s): Julia Huffman

    Award winning filmmaker Julia Huffman (Medicine of the Wolf) takes us on a journey from her beginnings of being adopted and then the healing that took place with her first dog Bozo. This relationship with her canine, ultimatley led her to discovering the profound power of healing that both dogs...

  19. Our four-legged friends or a soulles object of study?: Yulia Khukalenko at TEDxVladivostok

    Videos | Contributor(s): Yulia Khukalenko

    The words we choose are creating the future of ... animals. Having studied how animals are regarded in scientific texts, linguist Yulia Khukalenko warns us about the consequences we can incur for animals if we go on talking about them in the same way. 

  20. Animal Companionship and Ethnic Diversity

    Theses | Contributor(s): Ankita Sejra, Hita Bavishi, Rishabh Shah, Samira Behrooz, Julie M. Fagan

    The study of human-animal interactions and relationships is an extremely interesting topic. For a long time these relationships have been greatly prized among people such that they have accepted the animals as a part of their lives. In the United States, certain groups of people have accepted...